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PSN Users: Take the Free Games and Shut Up

The Playstation Network has been restored and PS3 gamers across the globe have been emerging from the sunlight and fresh air, bleary-eyed, back into man caves and basements to be reunited with PSN, myself included. Then yesterday, Sony detailed their Welcome Back Appreciation Programme but, lo and behold, gamers aren’t happy, again. - TheStonedSheep (PS3, Tag Invalid)

movements  +   1536d ago
NukaCola  +   1536d ago
Some people are never happy. I for one am just glad it's back. I synced my trophies and chatted with old friends. I get compensated for the 3 weeks my PS+ was down. This is just a bonus. Sony doesn't need to buy my love, I love what they do. That is why I am a proud Playstation owner. Now I will go back to LA Noire, so I can finish it before inFAMOUS 2 arrives.
metsgaming  +   1536d ago
people forget that we get a month of ps+ which also gives you free games !!!
Ravenor  +   1535d ago
You don't keep them unless you stay subscribed. I mean the Playstation + games, not the selection of 2 titles you can make.

They really aren't free, it's really a mis use of the word.
Crazyglues  +   1536d ago
To be honest I can understand both sides of the argument, but... I think what people forget is PSN is free..

If your a PS+ subscriber then I can see the frustration, but as a Free PSN user I don't think we can get upset, we should just be grateful our free network is back up and running...

I never really expected any Games so all of that is just a super plus.. hell I just wanted to get back to gaming online..

Let's just not forget that we game for Free, yes you just saved 50 bucks a year, so feel free to support Sony in these tough times by buying some games from PSN, yeah use that 50 bucks you just saved...

I know in this world of free it's hard to sometimes appreciate just what that means... it's not easy for Sony to make your Network free... they have to pay it keep it up and running so let's not get crazy..

We already have it pretty sweet, so maybe we should show Sony some love and support to Sony in these tough time by buying some stuff from PSN and saying thank you Sony for putting my Free Network back up... (it's not Free for SONY)

nycredude  +   1535d ago
psn Plus users get two months free!
MAiKU  +   1536d ago
Its like giving away halo for xbox live subscribers. It's good because eveyone owns it! so like they'd totally would like to get it for free!

oh wait... (see what i did there?)

I'll pretty much download the games i don't own (the least popular ones available) since i can't say no to a free game.
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Dart89  +   1536d ago
Ding ding ding we have a winner i'm just glad i can now play online but if Sony once to give me some extra goodies for just waiting for them to get psn back online i'm all good.
-EvoAnubis-  +   1536d ago
I couldn't agree anymore if I wanted to, and trust me, I'd freaking LOVE to.

I have no idea where some people got their weird sense of entitlement from, but that shit needs to go away. No one owes you a damned thing, kiddies.
rickhunter89  +   1536d ago
but i got all of those games already.
i wish they let you pick any 2 games from ps store.
TheStonedSheep  +   1536d ago
And how many people do you think would go straight for the most expensive things?

Besides you get a month of PS Plus.
Pintheshadows  +   1536d ago
Trade in two and get the free copies instead.
rickhunter89  +   1536d ago
but i want a year of plus is that asking for to much???
TheStonedSheep  +   1536d ago
I hope you are being sarcastic.
rickhunter89  +   1536d ago
i was lol.
blackburn10  +   1536d ago
And here I am thinking that the whining would stop after PSN came back. Silly me. I forgot I was dealing with the spoilt gamer of this generation. Sorry, carry on. After what I have seen in the last few days I am ashamed to be a gamer. So many people mocked them and stabbed them in the back while they fought to keep their network safe. So many people cheered Anon on while they messed with them, so many people tried to destroy their rep during the outage and now we see the ungrateful, greefy side of gamers.

Sony has to bend over backwards to gain back your trust while so many companies swindle and con you on a daily basis and have your complete trust. I hold my head down and beg the internet not to judge us based on the immature, greedy, loud mouth ungrateful @$$holes that exist within our ranks. When gaming became mainsteam we let all the low lifes in too. Sorry.
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Ravenor  +   1535d ago
So many cheered Anon? I really didn't see a great deal of that here, I think most here were upset that they couldn't online.

You speak of mocking or stabbing a company in the back as if this was something that it feels. Sony doesn't feel a thing and neither does any other company, they knew they would get this kind of response. They know how many and who bought what games. Sony is far from stupid.

I'm kinda excited to play through Infamous again and get the platinum. Same with LBP, playing that through with the girlfriend should be plenty of fun. No sir you cannot count me amongst the ungrateful, but I feel people are being pretty rational if they feel that the package is a bit lacking. Especially Europe..I feel so bad for the Germans.
maxcavsm  +   1536d ago
There's no right answer. Gamers are going to be mad no matter what happens here.

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