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Submitted by lowlight 1725d ago | article

XBOX 360 vs Playstation 3: Part Four

After a one-year hiatus, HCW is back with their famous editorial series on XBOX 360 vs Playstation 3. They look at the consoles from various angles, comparing and contrasting them objectively.

A lot has changed since the series started in 2006, so it's interesting to follow along. (Microsoft, PS3, Sony, Xbox 360)

lowlight  +   1725d ago
First person to scream SONY FANBOY gets a cookie. First person to scream MICROSOFT FANBOY gets a cookie. :)
mimbly  +   1725d ago
Any kind of cookie?
lowlight  +   1725d ago
Anything you want!
electricshadow  +   1725d ago
Wii fanboy!
lowlight  +   1725d ago
No cookie for you!
Godmars290  +   1725d ago
So that means you get two cookies.

No fair...
cr33ping_death  +   1725d ago
ummm PC fanboy
FACTUAL evidence  +   1725d ago
I'm starting to hate ps3 as much as 360 now? Can I have an equality cookie?
HolyOrangeCows  +   1725d ago
The PS3 game selection list makes the 360 list look like a hobo's shopping list (Hint: "*Liquor *More Liquor").

"First person to scream SONY FANBOY gets a cookie. First person to scream MICROSOFT FANBOY gets their comment marked for 'trolling'"
Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time a comment that says "Sony crony" or "PS3 fanboy" go unchecked while a comment saying "MS fanboy" or ANY sort of variant gets marked as "Immature" or "Trolling", I would be making my car payments off of N4G.
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Urrakia34  +   1725d ago
What a Sony crony PS3 fanboy!
davidmccue  +   1724d ago
Recently saw a documentary about the playstation 3, apparently sony sell's the playstation 3 for less then it cost for them to make it , around $37 when it was first released this would of increased by today. This has cost Sony Billions over the years, the reason why is simply to get the blu-ray players in homes, why? well sony owns the blu-ray technology and companys have to pay them royalites if they use blu-ray with movies/ games etc. Its a big gamble by Sony they are simply using the playstation 3 to gain control in the DVD/Media sector.
L6RD7BLU3  +   1725d ago
Really? people are still doing this how about buying all three and shut'n the hell up already.
newhumanbreed  +   1725d ago

But seriously, I agree with you.
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TronEOL  +   1725d ago
I'm sorry, but some of the things he says are quite off. Sure, it is his personal opinion, but it is also far from objective. It's another case of "I own both so I'm not a fanboy".

I'm very biased towards all things Playstation and PC, but I won't face the other direction when Microsoft does something right. It's quite easy to tell this guy is biased towards one side while biting his lip in order to give credit to another.

For example:
"Do you prefer the racing game experience of the Forza series, or have you been playing Gran Turismo for so long, you can’t think of switching?"


"If you REALLY WANT to play Uncharted for instance, you must buy a Playstation 3."

First, he calls the Forza series a "racing experience" and makes GT5 seem as if it's only played for some nostalgia-factor. Then, follows up by downtalking Uncharted on the low. But doesn't say "REALLY WANT to play Halo".

And once again:
"Sure, only XBOX 360 has Halo, but both consoles have Call of Duty."

Should have been this if he wasn't biased:
"Sure, Xbox 360 may have Halo and PS3 may have Uncharted, but both consoles have Call of Duty."

He also brings up the fact that you don't need a Japanese console to play jRPG's and (one) Metal Gear. Basically saying you don't need a PS3 to play Final Fantasy and Metal Gear. Sure, it's a fact, but why not mention that you don't need a Xbox360 to play wRPG's, FPS's or Sports games? Doesn't mention that you don't need an Xbox to play Mass Effect.

My point is, this guy is ridiculous trying to pass this off as some "objective look" at how the consoles are doing now. Oh, and him comparing graphics using Multiplatform games was just sad. Completely discredit the exclusives why don't you? (When the exclusives show what the consoles are capable of infinitely more than the Multiplats)

This guy is a joke, and anybody who doesn't see it should open their eyes.
lowlight  +   1725d ago
A cookie for you sir!
saoco  +   1725d ago
this guy's fanboy radar is legit.
greatjimbo78  +   1725d ago
Sega fanboy. Oh, wait. What year is this again?

Edit: Could have sworn I replied to Lowlight . Oh well.
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Redgehammer  +   1725d ago
I thought it was easy. The PS3 is a poweful console, that people expect great things out of, and the 360 does better than people expect.
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earbus  +   1725d ago
Choke on cookies.
MasterCornholio  +   1724d ago
My console is teh best yours is teh suxors.

MOMMMMMY he insulted my console i need a change of diapers cause i soiled myself with my stupidity.

To me this is what hardcore faboys are like
Tapioca Cold  +   1724d ago
It's blatantly obvious that the PS3 is a better system. There is no debating anymore. If you disagree then show me the proof!

The 360 was outdated when it was released:

Batteries in controllers? Pay for rechargeable?

No HDMI? Now HDMI but it blocks my Optical out so I need to buy a dongle.

DVD? It's called not furthering technology and keeping us in the past.

Pay to play? What, come again?

An immature looking dashboard. PS3 was for the more mature audience to begin with.

games not region free. Some of us live abroad (like me)


Memory cards? That's two generations old.

Microsoft play money.

No built-in wifi. $100 for the dongle

No blu-ray. If you haven't experienced it yet well... it's simple. You prefer a fuzzier picture. It's okay. A lot of people settle for less.

Wired mic. Not furthering tech.

RROD (that was a BILLION DOLLAR RECALL!!!!) need I say more?

A horrible online gaming experience because it is loaded with middle class white boys who have silver spoons in their asses and can't stop insulting (racially sometimes) all other opponents. It truely is horrible.

any more suggestions? The list can be longer. ^^
Tapioca Cold  +   1724d ago
... Power BRICK from hell itself...
Tapioca Cold  +   1724d ago
... Sounds like a hairdryer...
Tapioca Cold  +   1724d ago
... Can't upgrade HDD with any ol' larger sized laptop HDD...
Tapioca Cold  +   1724d ago
earbus  +   1724d ago
And even with that is still better than ylod,discs getting stuck ,online being hacked ,ultra loud fans when they kick in and exclusives that 20 people play online if the system is up, os being removed backwards compat gone i can really see ur point , i guess lack of party chat and fun are also an issue socializing online is a big thing these days lack of aa too why not.
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