Xbox360Gamer - Gears 3: Lobbies and Layouts

Matchmaking in the Gears of War 3 Beta has really been brought back to basics compared to Gears of War 2. But due to this being a Beta, it is still unclear whether or not the lobbies have been improved. Currently gamers cannot fully invite and produce a full human lobby yet and instead gamers may end up being pitted against incoherent bots if you're unlucky enough to not find a game online.
Some players have gotten around this problem, but it still remains a very tedious task in starting a much anticipated game session. An advantage the Beta has over other multiplayer’s in the franchise becomes apparent when one team is dominating due to having a extra player (5 vs. 3) or is a little stronger. The game eventually balances each team appropriately, with stronger players thrown into opposite teams, giving that team a evenly matched chance before the next map is loaded.

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newhumanbreed2766d ago

They need to bring back the Gears of War 1 lobbies.

HacSawJimThugin2766d ago

Trenches needs some work and it is far from "awesome". I like the map but you can easily become bogged down by bad spawn points and over abuse of the two hammers.

The bots need work the most in my opinion. I can recall countless times were some bots just stood behind cover shooting at enemies yet to spawn or not shooting at all. Fix the A.I. Epic Puhleeze!! Let them spawn with better weapons like the retro instead of the hammerburst. Humans are great with the hammmerburst not bots!!