Why Didn’t Sony Give This Free Game?

Sony recently revealed the welcome back incentive for all PlayStation Network users yesterday. However, many gamers have been skeptical on whether the free games Sony offered are good enough. Well, they certainly forgot one game to include that would have surely seen many doubters of the welcome back package satisfied.

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Uncharted3Goty2566d ago

Question: i havent bought warhawk and didnt play it before but IS Warhawk HD not as good as warhawk.

mrv3212566d ago

Warhawk HD, I believe is an old term for the new warhawk, there was a PSone game with the same name, same franchise infact.


I really wanted them to give away Warhawk, but they feared it being so old it would have caused negative press about starhawk, the learning diffuculty to... also being serve based it would have been overwhelmed. Do I mind? No, fewer noobs stealing my hawk when I get out to repair.

Uncharted3Goty2566d ago

Thank you for the reply i understand now Warhawk is the PSone version and warhawk for the PS3 is a new one for the console.

ilikestuff2565d ago

people are allllways complaining about anything they can, if you have all the games on the list then its a sign you buy too many damn games. if you have the disc copies of any of those games put them on amazon and get some money. the internet is full of vaginas.

and i dont care about disagrees, i have one bubble for a reason

LOGICWINS2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

"Why Didn’t Sony Give This Free Game?"

Because they thought that the hype behind Starhawk would be enough to get people to PURCHASE Warhawk. Also, the free month of PS Plus gives ALL the DLC for Warhawk for free(you get this forever). This is an added incentive to buy Warhawk. I just wish they would drop the damn price to $20 already. Its been out for 4 years and the downloadable version has only dropped $10.

DWOM2566d ago

All the DLC's for free? Man I'm getting WarHawk soon off PSN!

Oxymoron0282566d ago

Been meaning to get the warhawk dlc! ... now I dont have too :D


Trade in Warhawk last year (just wasn't playing it anymore)... Guess who feels like a fool now.

frostypants2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Another reason: Warhawk runs off of dedicated servers (one of the reasons it is so awesome). If they gave it away, they'd have to spend money/resources bringing the server capacity back up.

And the price hasn't dropped much because it is still pretty freaking popular for how old it is. It's a testament to its greatness. Many server-based games that old would've been taken offline by now.

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Blaze9292565d ago

I would've been happy if they just had let us choose any first party greatest hits game.

Uncharted3Goty2565d ago

i agree 100 percent if that was the case NO ONE and i mean NO ONE would Complain at all.

iamnsuperman2566d ago

Warhawk would have been interesting especially with the other just been announced (from a marketing perspective like Infamous). It doesn't matter to me really but I think though Warhawk as a marketing ploy should have been introduced

GiggMan2565d ago

I think they did just find considering that infamous 2 is releasing a lot sooner than Starhawk.

rebirthofcaos2566d ago

It could be that since warhawk is an online game only people will think the same for starhawk, and may affect the perception of the game.

archemides5182566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

they didn't give warhawk cuz they didn't want to up open a ton more servers for 70 million new players since it's online only. they give away infamous and lbp and all they're losing is bandwidth for the download, and they're getting free marketing for the sequels.

rajman2566d ago

I thought the same, it would give new players a taste of how awesome the multiplayer is and what to expect in Starhawk. Regardless people should BUY IT...its so damn cheap and the multiplayer is just plain awesome

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