Haze Demo Nov.16th - EU PS Store

Spanish PlayStation website confirms that a demo of Haze will be available on the EU PS Store on November 16, 2007.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

A demo of Haze. Cool, that means the game isn't crap. They don't give demo's if they think the game is crap.

shmee3706d ago

I have a feeling that Haze could turn out to be the silver lining besides Uncharted and Ratchet

Lightning Mr Bubbles3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

I also have a good feeling about Uncharted. Those are some of sony's best developers. They made the Jak & Daxter series.

I'm a little worried about Haze, it's kinda been labeled the Halo killer. I don't know, they might compare it to Halo 3 too much and knock it down for any little thing it doesn't do as good as Halo.

But if they are giving us a demo, it must mean they think the game is decent atleast.

sonarus3706d ago

am gonna wait on the demo before i buy. Just to be sure.

marinelife93706d ago

Time to make a EU account. Haze scares me too. Uncharted is going to be great but Haze I'm thinking might end up being another Lair. Lot of great technology but just that special something missing.

ATLRoAcH3705d ago

And for awhile too.I don't have a doubt in my mind about Uncharted.Uncharted WILL be awesome.

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HeartlesskizZ3706d ago

PSN will be on nectar with this demo =)

Daz3706d ago

i cant wait, hope its good and not a big pile of crap lol.

Sevir043706d ago

that means this week or next should prove a demo from Haze. because it's about to go gold and release on 22/23 of nov... i cant wait. nectar anyone

DEADEND3706d ago

This is good news now we all can see how good the game is before we buy it, but I'm pretty sure this game will get a 9.0 to 9.5.

AllanWakker3706d ago

This game is going to be trashed without mercy by every Xbot review site like EGM and 1Up and others.

Gotta protect that turd Halo 3...

6 or 7/10s from the same Xbot reviewers who handed out the joke 10/10s for Halo.

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The story is too old to be commented.