BlackSite online support limited on PS3

BlackSite: Area 51, Midway's upcoming Unreal Engine-powered shooter, is going to have a fairly robust online mode. According to IGN: "With the Xbox 360 version of the game, players will be able to play ranked and unranked matches, and voice support will have constant chatter for teammates while everyone will be able to hear each other if they're close enough, regardless of which team they're on."

Wait, but that's not the case for PS3. Most of these features are being cut for Sony's version. According to a Midway representative: "Basically, the PS3 supports the ability to host, search, and join - that's it. All of the other functionality did not make it to PS3: ranked / leader boards, match making, voice chat, private slots, etc." Essentially, expect a fairly bare-bones online mode for the PS3 version of BlackSite. This seems like a strange omission from Midway, especially considering the robust online features their upcoming Unreal Tournament will have.

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Tommie4074d ago

Free online network service rocks -_-'

sonarus4074d ago

lol i would still rather not pay for online and way to go midway. Midway's best game this yr is gonna be on the ps3 unreal tourney black site will suck jst like stranglehold so i honestly could care less. This is undoubtedly due to ps3 unreal engine issues but there are far too many games coming out to even consider black site

Tommie4074d ago

UT III on PS3 is delayed to Q1 2008 as well, PC version this year.

BloodySinner4074d ago

Unreal Tournament III isn't even a Midway game title. It belongs to Epic Games. :-/

FirstknighT4074d ago

Yup, PSN shows his ugly lil face. This is what you get when you have cheap online service. While a prime online service like Xbox Live gives you top notch online gaming.

Virtual Fighter anyone??? :)

masterg4074d ago

What is it you guys don't get.
This has nothing to do with PSN.
This is a company that desperately want to release their game and choose to use the most time on the console with the most users. Simple as that.

the worst4074d ago

xboxlag service suck

jackdoe4074d ago

It's basically open platform, like PC gaming(though games for windows is an exception), so it is up to the developers to decide whether they want to deliver the experience or not. It has nothing to do with PSN so don't give me that sh!t.

Proxy4074d ago

Computer games have long had the best online features, and for the most part PC's use free online service. :)

Delive4074d ago

When my 360 is not overheating and lagging out of matches. I'll now add Midway to the list with EA and Capcom.

Game Crazy4074d ago

I think that any of us who has tried both Xbox Live and PSN will agree that Xbox Live is superior. As the saying goes. You get what you pay for. As for this game not supporting PSN as much as it does Live. I figure hosting your own server and having such a wide open service would make things expensive and unattractive for a 3rd party developer wanting to enable online play for a PS3 game.

Bathyj4074d ago

Why are you trolling FirstKnight.

Shouldn't you be jerkin off to Lago 3 with the rest of your class.

I dont know how people who put up with Lag and pay for it can knock a service with decicated servers thats free.

You're not allowed to complain about a free lunch you dumb fuk.

peksi4073d ago

Makes you wonder why the hell they even bothered to make the PS3 version? So much wasted work thrown outta window there.

Making a crippled version to a system just sounds like bad business to me.

marinelife94073d ago

Enjoy paying $250 over the next five years so you can talk to your friends online in one game.

marinelife94073d ago

I don't understand why Midway did this. Most 360 fans are still going to be playing Halo they're not going to stop playing it to start playing what looks to be an average game at best.

Watkins4073d ago

Oh, so you get what you pay for, as you say? Well then the xbox360 is far inferior to the PS3 as well, right? Sigh ..

wageslave4071d ago


No, this would have nothing to do with the rendering and physics engine.

What this probably has to do is the underlying PSN and memory issues in the PS3.

in order to have cross-game chat, or matchmaking, you have to load libraries into the game. Those libraries take up memory.

The Sony libraries are massive compared to the Xbox 360 version. After they loaded all the supporting-libraries into memory, perhaps the ran out of memory resources?

See these articles, talk all about it:

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Just a flame post. This isn't a system seller anyway.

While that's true, the PS3 is getting hammered in sales anyway. So It's not like I can defend that. Just hope it does better with the price cuts.

ASSASSYN 36o4074d ago

System seller or not ps3 needs every game it can get. Especially, third-party games.

blusoops4074d ago

most of those functions I can get with midway isn't making any sense!

actionjackson4074d ago

Exactly. Someone send these people the code to Resistance:Fall of Man and Warhawk. They seriously left this stuff out? I'm baffled.

SmokeyMcBear4074d ago

well whats the point if everyone is playing halo3?

FirstknighT4074d ago

The point is that this is just ANOTHER mutliplatform game better on the 360.

THC CELL4074d ago

keep it i will enjoy haze and better games like mgs online etc

and a better service Home

darx4074d ago

So far from what I've seen, haven't played of course, looks L-A-M-E!

WilliamRLBaker4073d ago

wait home? its better? lol you mean that crap for 2nd life clone? lol

Haze you mean the game that will get mediocre scores and sales on ps3 and will thus be released on 360 in a better form?