New Games Out Today: LA Noire, The Witcher 2, ExerBeat, Cake Mania 4

From "There's just two weeks to go until E3 2011 here in LA, but everyone in the videogame industry will be in LA this week virtually. LA Noire comes out today, May 17, along more titles that will surely be overshadowed. Here's what you'll find on store shelves right now."

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Vega752073d ago

Hopefully my copy of the witcher 2 comes today from amazon. I'll pick up LA. Noire for the 360 this weekend but I'll wait til I finish the witcher 2 before I start on LA. Noire ( still wish they put it on pc)

SwiderMan2073d ago

Yeah, not sure why Team Bondi is resistant to PC game development.

Vega752073d ago

Yeah I'm really trying to get away from console gaming in total. I haven't re-new my live sub and I will never put my info back on psn or buy anything for the ps3. So pc and hopefully nintendo's new console and maybe 360 games that don't require me being online.

fluffydelusions2073d ago

It's rockstar...they are the publisher. No RDR on PC either =\

fluffydelusions2073d ago

OMG Cake Mania 4?!?! Teh cake > *


icewater852073d ago

I want The Witcher 2 but I still have to finish the first one.

undercovrr2073d ago

I'm getting Cake Mania 4. Now THATS a game!

pandehz2072d ago

Just played the Prologue of The Witcher 2. Best rpg since Oblivion