Survival - Modern Warfare 3's Own Zombies Mode

Modern Warfare 3 will have its own version of the famous Zombie mode. It will be a Spec Ops mode called Survival. Whether it will be as successful as the original Zombies mode, only time will tell

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Shmotz2560d ago

Chances are its like Gears horde mode or something to that effect.

aaabbbccc43242560d ago

this could be POO! i really hope the mode is good and has lots of replayabilty unlike spec ops in mw2 which was crap.
To be honest i was hoping for something like aliens or just anything supernatural as an extra mode

BattleAxe2560d ago

Spec Ops was good, but you're right in that it didn't have the same kind of replayability, and I was disappointed that it didn't allow for 4 players.

El_Colombiano2560d ago

They had no choice. Treyarch beat them at their own game.

CodCom2560d ago

Smart move indeed, winning the "hearts" of the zombie fans. Just curious how the Survival mode will pan out though.

Jack-H2560d ago

ooo ooo Winning the "brains" of the fans is more like it!

Jack-H2560d ago

This is pretty cool for all the COD fans who like zombie mode. Glad they are giving you this.

CodCom2560d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself.

RyuCloudStrife2560d ago

something similar would b just as good :)

CodCom2560d ago

Wonder how similar this will be to the Zombie mode.

DarkSpawnClone2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

well i use to love zombies but,they need to make more zombie modes just having different maps isn't good enough once you upgrade your gun a few rounds later whats the point you just play until your bored and then jump in a pile of zombies and die XD while it is fun but after a while it's boring would be cool to have some different objectives in zombies mix it up a bit still keep the same mode but give us more different zombie modes..but all imo.

Der_Kommandant2560d ago

Let me guess...

Fast Zombies? (rolleyes)

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The story is too old to be commented.