L.A. Noire was once a six disc game

OXM UK: L.A. Noire on Xbox 360 covers a whopping three game discs, but according to Team Bondi writer and director Brendan McNamara, the count could have been "four or five or six".

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Prcko2591d ago

now bring news about gta5

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BeastlyRig2591d ago

Rockstar didn't make this game!

It's a developer named Team Bondi

Rockstar are just publishers who brand everything and take credit for it..

Pumbli2591d ago

Who do you think financed this project? Team Blondi themselves?

Rockstar has every right to put their logo on the game. Besides, every other publisher does it, why are you dissing Rockstar for it?

LolololRumz2591d ago

The link you just posted lists both Rocktstar and Bondi as developers...

PhantomT14122591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Besides, Team Bondi's CEO himself stated that R* helped them during the development with people and advices.

RowSand2591d ago

but dan houser and sam houser involved in this game just like rdr, the brother who made all gta series

theonlylolking2591d ago

Team Bondi pwns rockstar then.

guitarded772591d ago

@ Pumbli
Originally Sony financed the project when it was supposed to be a PS3 exclusive... that's how Agent came about.

Lifendz2591d ago

Okay, so the lack of blu-ray held Team Bondi back. Semantics guy. Point remains: we lost material so a 360 version wouldn't be a six disc game.

MaxXAttaxX2591d ago

It's says right in your link "Developer(s) Team Bondi AND Rockstar Games.

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lil Titan2591d ago

lol 5 people disagreed that "I love my PS3" only n4g i swear

pepsilover_20072591d ago

lol see what happens when i say i love my wii XD lmao, people on here are really pathatic

Lirky2591d ago

I think it wouldnt of been a problem depending on how if a game is linear and just keeps the person doing the objectives and it ends and dont allow you to free roam at the end then having 4-8 discs isnt a problem.

iamnsuperman2591d ago

Agree just more of a inconvenience but nothing that bad. Lets just hope for 360 users GTA5 isn't like this but for this game not too bad

MariaHelFutura2591d ago

8 discs is a problem. Lost Oddessy was 4 and that was alot, I couldn`t imagine having 8.

Perjoss2591d ago

Once you install the discs its no problem as the load times are faster. In Lost Odyssey you only had to chance discs every 20 to 25 hours, for this to be a problem you need to be the ruler of planet Lazy.

xPhearR3dx2591d ago

You can free roam at the end. Just quit your game, select cases from the main menu and select Streets of L.A. You're free to roam L.A looking for collectables as well as doing side missions.

aaabbbccc43242591d ago

@xPhearR3dx how big is the city compared to liberty city? are there parks with lots of trees?
can you free roam while not doing missions?and how many buidings can you enter?can you talk to random pedestrians?

dirigiblebill2591d ago

Apparently you only have to swap discs twice in the whole campaign...

TheStonedSheep2591d ago

Yes but that is after a MASSIVE install.

guigsy2591d ago

Right but installing ANY game on the 360 is entirely optional.

TheStonedSheep2591d ago

But with L.A. Noire the way they optimised it to fit on three discs means that unless installed it'll have awful loading times.

Eamon2591d ago

Really? I don't think I've heard of that anywhere unless you've already tried the game, right?

TheStonedSheep2591d ago

"For those who are looking for a smooth experience on the Xbox 360 version of L.A. Noire, installing the game’s data is the way to go. Installing all three discs will take up to 20GB of space as each of the discs are at 6.6GB. Following the successful data installation, players can notice that the game loads faster, lessen the in-game graphics pop-up and the screen tearing."

Eamon2591d ago

Yeah it loads faster but that doesn't say it was slow to begin with.

I always install my games on my xbox because it reduces the duration to like 1-2 seconds.

xPhearR3dx2591d ago

That description fits almost every Xbox 360 game. Anytime you install a game to 360 it increases load times and the performance is better because you're running the game from your HDD instead of from the disc. Without installing L.A Noire the game still runs just fine. It's not like you NEED to install it or the experience will be crap or anything.

Dorwrath2591d ago


The same applies to every 360 game. They run better, load faster when installed to the HDD.

The game runs just fine from the disk, it's just better to install it to the HDD. Also better for your console too.

The only exception to this was Halo 3 because when you installed Halo 3 it would slow down Multiplayer load times.

NoobJobz2590d ago

Massive install? Are you joking? The first disc took about 3 minutes to install. Massive indeed.

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xPhearR3dx2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

I've completed all the Patrol and Traffic cases and I'm on the first Vice case while still being on the first disc. Played for about 6 hours or so tonight. If the other 2 disc are as long as this one is so far, disc swapping will feel almost none existent.

EDIT: @TheStonedSheep Wrong. You don't need to install anything to play L.A Noire on 360. Just pop the first disc in and play. You only install if you want to, it's not mandatory.

cyborg69712591d ago

Tell me how non existent it is during the disc exchange.

Peaceful_Jelly2591d ago

So basically they are subtly confirming that the game was gimped?

jessupj2591d ago

And they'll recoup the the time 'wasted' on the cut content by selling it as DLC. Thank you microsoft.

blumatt2591d ago

Yeah, sadly, I think that might be true. I think they should have kept it 6 discs, so that no content was cut. Basically, it sounds like the game originally filled the entire bluray disc, which would equal around 5-6 DVD's. Then, it went multiplat, and they didn't want to have to pay the fees for the extra DVDs on the 360 version, so they cut content, which will later be given as dlc. It sucks.

No Way2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

"We're pretty pleased that we got it down to that in the end,"
he went on, attributing the feat to "miraculous compression".

Can you people not read? Read the article before you go start posting dumb shit.
They cut two cases out, do you really think two cases would span 3 discs? Hell no.
Games, just like movies, cut content out of their games all the time. It's not new.

Colmshan19902591d ago

They cut two desks, not two cases.
As in, the Vice or Homicide desks.
That's a hell of a lot more than two cases.

rob60212591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

They should just gimp the game on the 360, and keep the PS3 with the original vision, then charge less for the 360 one. MS didn't let Rage go onto even 3 disks like ID wanted; so this isn't the first time.

Mikeyy2590d ago

Thats unbelievable, that a Console manufacturer would have the right, to tell a Developer how many discs they may utilize for their game.

Microsoft is holding the industry back.

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dirigiblebill2591d ago

I wonder if we'll see actual boxed standalone expansions for this game, a la Ballad of Gay Tony, The Lost & Damned, etc.

Lirky2591d ago

Lol that'll even be more Discs for 360 users i think it should stay digital Dlcs instead of disc dlcs.