Nintendo Seizes 10,000 Hong Kong Pirate Devices

The Hong Kong High Court has intervened, at Nintendo's request, to help stop a global distribution operation involving game copying devices and modification chips that violate the copyrights and trademarks of Nintendo DS and Wii.

On Oct. 8th, the court ordered the raid of Supreme Factory Limited facilities, through which Nintendo representatives seized more than 10,000 game copying devices and mod chips over the course of three days. The devices seized are used to copy and play Nintendo DS games offered unlawfully over the Internet, and the mod chips allow the play of pirated Wii discs or illegal copies of downloaded Nintendo games.

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Lord Yoshi4071d ago

Great, I'm glad Nintendo is doing their part to stop illegal gaming activity.

Relientk774071d ago

yea thats cool that they got a handle on that ^ i like ur name/pic btw ... Grievous is [email protected]$$