EGM Podcast Ratchet & Clank Review

The following link is to the EGM Podcast where they leak what the review scores were for the game from the upcoming issues. They mention this game being one of the true platformers out right now. Also art and graphics are also very good. Call it almost a pixar looking game with fluidic animations. And say how this is built for PS3 and show some power along with it.

The leaked scores are in case don't want to listen to the reviews.

1st Reviewer: 8.5/10
2nd Reviewer: 9.0/10
3rd Reviewer: 9.5/10

Average: 9.0/10

To listen to the leaked scores forward the podcast to 37th minute into the podcast.

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Meus Renaissance4069d ago

AAA confirmed and it looks like Uncharted will also be an AAA. All before the consoles first birthday. And MGS4 looks like its set to be the third AAA in a few months time.

gtgcoolkid4069d ago

EGM is usually harsh on PS3 games and to see them liking this game is excellent news. One of the reviewers even said how he is looking forward to Uncharted due to the excellent animations and gameplay in this one.

marinelife94069d ago

I've never been a Ratchet and Clank fan. I'll maybe try to rent it since it seems to be reviewing pretty good.

unlimited4069d ago

i think most reviewers is hard on the ps3 seem like they want the game to blow them out of their seat before givin it high .ratchet and uncharted will be amazing games..AAA confirmed

sonarus4069d ago

ratchet and clank might be a system seller for serious fans it will sell ps3's but no where near the amount xbox sold. It will instantly attract kids and thats really the only way i can see it being a system seller. The game really comes at a nice time 4 the ps3 with the recent price drop plus the 40gb ps3 with spiderman blu ray could really push consoles it wudnt be ratchet sellin systems but probably more of a combination of all these things. True ratchet fans might pay the 400 bucks to get the ps3 but i doubt they will all do that but expect this game to sell well

TheSadTruth4069d ago

"EGM is usually harsh on PS3 games and to see them liking this game is excellent news. One of the reviewers even said how he is looking forward to Uncharted due to the excellent animations and gameplay in this one."

EGM isn't harsh on PS3 games.. they are harsh on low quality games.. which the PS3 has generally provided plenty of. Resistance, Warhawk and Heavenly Sword got good reviews, but how can you expect them to give good reviews to games like Lair?

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TheHater4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

I have two question. Who was going to buy this game no matter what the reviews is/was?
And who was going to buy this game base on reviews?

Bebedora4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

To make a bad review of this would need some heavy convincing to it, not just personal taste IF the reviewer like platformers too. Not that I think that reviewer would be other than a fps fascist.

neogeo4069d ago

I will not buy it if it gets another 4.9 like Lair.
I made that mistake once, not again

Makroyale4069d ago

And if you played it, most likely you would buy it.

TheHater4069d ago

have you not play the demo?

Topshelfcheese4069d ago

This is a blind buy if your a fan of the series, Insomniac has never let me down.

skitzoid4069d ago

I could care less what soem site or mag rates any game. I go by developer name, genre, game info (videos, pics, developer info, hands on reports from gamers, etc) and past success if it's a sequel.

R&C is a must buy no brainer for me because of the demo I played off of PSN. I thought I was done with the series until I played that demo.

BigPenguin4068d ago

I pre-ordered the PS3 as soon as I learned that Resistance was being made by Insomniac. At this point I purchase any game they make. They have never made a single bad game. Just like naughty dog.

tk4068d ago

Hell yes. Reviewers giving 10/10 for many of the games the past few months that really should only be 7-8 scores, and 6.5 to games that are really 8-9 just made me realize that the reviewers - little fat kiddies who really need to get in the sun sometime - are a bunch of twits.

I have all the previous titles in the R&C, and the Jak & Daxter series. These titles rock. The replay value is great. The game play is great. I could not care less what some FPS obsessed console loyalist fat couch potato thinks of this. I know the series. If they give it a 2 average - well - let them. I will get it regardless. The same goes for the Killzone, MGS and The Getaway games. Yeah - I really liked the first Killzone - no matter what others think of it.

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sleepbox4069d ago

I mean, great, but it's still R&C and these games are NOT system sellers.

AllroundGamer4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

well this Ratchet will change that :D everyone, that played the demo knows, it is a system seller.

Edit: Baba1906 you got me there buddy :) but people could play the demo by a friends house or in the shops with PS3 demostations ;)

wil4hire4069d ago

Its getting games now. 80gb is flying offa shelves.

Its over.

Blood_Spiller4069d ago

Honestly, you'd be surprised. Ratchet and Clank appeals to a larger demographic than hardcore games like Gears of War, I know more people who are anticipating R&C:TOD than Gears of War 2.

Baba19064069d ago

but if u played the demo u own the system =P. anyways i agree with you. it will sell systems i think.

AllanWakker4069d ago

"these games are NOT system sellers."

Gotta hand it to the fanboys, they are doing a decent job of staying 'on message'...

Each of the amazing Ratchet games sold in the three million range worldwide for the PS2. And this is on a console with the single largest and greatest library of games ever assembled.

Vojkan4069d ago


Your comment just shows how stupid you are. Ratchet games on average sell over 2 million copies and if that does not qualify as some kind of system seller, than i dont know what does then!?

unlimited4069d ago

ratchet sold 13 million or more..there a lot of fans out there..this game can be a system seller..

crck4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Its a great game that gamers will enjoy. Does it really matter if the mindless drones that know nothing about games don't buy it.

Topshelfcheese4069d ago


It could easily be a system seller to people that don't own a PS3 because all the previous games have been on the PS2/PSP so with 120million PS2's if they are a fan of the R&C series than, they could just go on faith that the PS3 version will be good without a demo. Anyway, I see uncharted as a bigger system seller, not right out of the gate, but when word gets out about it ;)

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Grinchy4069d ago

day one. Myself and kids looking forward to this regardless of reviews.

Grinchy4069d ago

how can someone disagree that I will buy this on day one, or that my kids and myself are looking forward to it?


gtgcoolkid4069d ago

Don't take it too seriously. Theres some f***ing troll that is disagreeing with almost everyone. The jackass probably doesn't have anything better to do.

AllanWakker4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Wow, I'm sure the 115 million PS2 owners out there welcome the input of the foaming at the mouth Xbots at EGM and 1Up when it comes to PS3 game reviews...

Hurry up and go out of business losers!

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