Diagram: Comparing The PlayStation 3 Models

From Game Life:

Confused by the four different models of PlayStation 3 on the shelves? Game Life is at your service with a helpful diagram. Find the features you want, then look where the circles overlap, and that's the version of the PlayStation 3 that you want."

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wil4hire4074d ago

20 isn't available any more.

The rest play ps2 games. the 40 gig doesn't and has less usb ports. All are bluray.

Thank god the 80gig is killing in sales. People are really confused.

Real Gambler4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

So basically, there should be only two circles on this diagram!

Quite complicated indeed... : )

On the left: 40Gig, wireless, 2 USB ports, no BC for $399.99,
On the right: 80Gig, wireless, 4 USB ports, limited BC for $499

Let me see, purple and orange maybe?

PS360WII4074d ago

All I can say is I'm happy I have the 60gig with PS2 built in it and all the extras. 80 gig is your next best bet. Power to the high end models ^^

wil4hire you can still buy the 20 gig online just not in a brick and motor store so they still have 4 units available.

season0074074d ago

and yet they are not discontinuing their older models either...well
I guess it should be better when there are only 2 models in store while there are more than 2 right?

Spike474074d ago

the 20gb is still on sale at ebgames, no really go to the site and you'll see it.

it lists it at 379, the 40gb at 399, and the 80gn at 500.

I would've perfered the 60gb to drop to 400, the 40gb to 300, and the 20gb to 250.

wow sony would own all. Sadly, they can't afford that price drop.

games4fun4074d ago

"Yes, I did this because I made a joke about it earlier this morning and realized that a Venn diagram would actually be pretty helpful. Did I leave anything out?"

How about a 360 version, is this really news from oh wait blog.wired thanks a blog wow maybe we should just use blogs for news because they are so unbiased.

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The story is too old to be commented.