Loads God Of War Demo Hacks

"Cheat hackers have been working their magic on the God of War demo for the PSP. Loads of hacks have been found including the hidden boss battle, super speed, clean screen and a whole lot more". - Maxconsole

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HeartlesskizZ3989d ago

well I heard PSP is a Hack station. so not surprise here

Bnet3433989d ago

Except the latest CFW really screwed things up, I think Sony is fighting back.

doomsonyman3989d ago

i can't wait till god of war 3 the ending in gow 2 left me on the edge of my seat and beaging for more please hurry santomonica studios

HeartlesskizZ3989d ago

Kratos is in for one hell of a ride when he debuts on the ps3 and finds out he can move Pegasus with the Sixaxis... Cant wait either.

xionpunk3989d ago

hmm i need to play GOW2 again...

Bonsai12143989d ago

god of war 3 will be epic. no doubts about that. i can't even begin to imagine the possible scale of that game after the hydra fight and the statue of rhodes right.

MikeGdaGod3988d ago

i just want the demo

WHERE'S MY DEMO?!?!?!?!?!?!