It's coming: Bungie is getting the Halo 3 ban-hammer ready

If you're a cheater or an online trouble-maker in Halo 3, Bungie has it in for you. Last Friday they posted a message-more of a threat, really-saying that they know who you are, and they're not happy.

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YEAH !!!


RudeSole Devil3478d ago

I think Bungie should worry about fixing the game before this.

ReBurn3478d ago

Doing this will fix the game. On many levels.

Captain Tuttle3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Great point. Have a bubble.

mighty_douche3478d ago

didnt they? i havent heard of anyone cheating but i dont own it so...

ReBurn3478d ago

It's time for fame to become infamy. Bring it on.

Bloodmask3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

how they are going to fix this. The main way people cheat is by "bridging". They basicly create a closed network that "poisons" or blocks out all of the other IP's that are faster than theirs except for the Xbox LIVE IP's. On Xbox LIVE Host is determined by whoever has "the fastest" connection.

This way "The Bridger" always gets host. And having "host" is what enables the cheating. Basicly as long as someone has access to Xbox lives IP's this problem will never be resolved. Unless they make some sort of rolling IP where the numbers are changed every so often.

I learned how to bridge a long time ago in Halo 2. Not to cheat, but so I wouldn't have to play against cheaters. It isn't a big secret in Halo 2 that when you get to level 32 everyone started to cheat.

If they find a way to boot people out that are tampering with the network then I applaud Bungie. Halo will be better for everyone.

mighty_douche3477d ago

informative, have a bubble.

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The story is too old to be commented.