Do you Dare to be Digital?

Meet the potential developers of the future at London Games Festival.

One of the first events to kick off at this year's London Games Festival is Dare to be Digital, the UK's premier design competition, which gives teams of five budding developers just nine weeks to create a game. During LGF you can go hands-on with this year's entries, see concept art and even download a few demos.

On display at the showcase are 12 games, ranging from a strange 2D platformer starring a bizarre-looking bear, a co-operative 3D title that sees players working together to overcome obstacles and a pirate ship battler based in a bath. All the titles are playable and visitors are able to the creators to get some tips on making your own games.

The highlight of the event is Team Voodoo Boogy's Ragnarawk, a gothic role-playing game that uses the controller from Guitar Hero. Using a combination of the fret buttons and strum bar, players walk around 3D environments before battling with monsters in a musical duel. The demo lasts 10-15 minutes and is an amazing effort considering it was made in just over weeks.

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