What To Expect From E3 2011

Warp Zoned writes:

"E3 is just three weeks away and as we gear up for the biggest event on the gaming calendar, it’s easy to forget what exactly it is we’re gearing up to see. So that’s where Warp Zoned’s handy guide of “What To Expect From E3 2011″ comes into play. We’ve gathered together a list of every game that’s been confirmed for E3 2011 as well as every game that’s expected to be at E3 2011 along with a few rumored titles that just might make an appearance at the big show."

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jacksonmichael2400d ago

There may be something on Castlevania, Metroid and Zelda, due to each one reaching their 25th anniversary. The Dragon Quest anniversary collection could be confirmed for NA. Dragon Quest X is almost a given (nothing has been shown and it was announced in 2008) and more RPGs (Earth Seeker, Xenoblade, Last Story, Pandora's Tower) could be announced for NA as well. Sorry, Nintendo news seemed kinda thin in terms of software.

2400d ago
Kamin02400d ago

I thought Agent got cancelled..

NeoBasch2400d ago

Perhaps you are thinking of The Agency?

DigitalRaptor2400d ago

How do people manage to get those games mixed up?

And I often see people calling Agent: "The Agent". LOL!

Kamin02398d ago

So The Agency got canceled and The Agent is from 2K Games / Rockstar Games??

NeoBasch2398d ago

Yep, Agent is supposed to be a new IP by Rockstar exclusive for the PS3 home entertainment system. Whereas The Agency was an action-based MMO for the PC and PS3 developed by Sony Online Entertainment Seattle. The studio was closed down and the project canned after significant investment. I guess that's business for you. lol

BeastlyRig2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )



Kinect games?


CrimsonEngage2400d ago

I expect MS to drop a bomb and show the Xbox 3000awesomesauce.

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