Keepin' it real fake, part XCII: accessories for the Nintendo Wu

Apparently targeted at game shoppers with bad eyesight, these accessories for the "Wu" game console reader Jordan Perr spotted in New York's Chinatown seem like less of a product and more like the Chinese KIRF masters are playing a devious inside joke on us. Choices include what appears to be a knockoff of Brando's Wii Sports Pack, a "PEGA" version of PEGO's Airplane Controller Stand and a "Wu Combat Pack" with sword and shield. No word on whether Wu accessories are compatible with the Vii, but for a staggering $30 we expect nothing less.

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Wii60PS3DSPSP4069d ago

I gotta admit the ii part is clever.

M_Prime4069d ago


lol.. wow.. chinese people are funny...

DeckUKold4069d ago

what is with them next thing is the lugend uf zulda

games4fun4069d ago

they could pretty much copy every single wii game and sell it for cheap and people would by it so link is lunk its still got the same gameplay ripped right from the original and since it is hard to find a wii apparently problem solved

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