ESRB Announces New Washington Governor PSA

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has announced the launch of a new Washington state public service announcement featuring Washington Governor Chris Gregoire, aimed at explaining video game ratings to parents and encouraging them to check ratings upon each purchase of a video game to ensure that it is appropriate for their children and family.

The ads will run in the coming weeks on TV and radio stations throughout the state of Washington, and the ESRB has also made them viewable on its media library page.

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razer4074d ago

is a nut job! Hardly the person to teach parents or children anything...

She won't be governor for much longer.

Cat4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

the commercials are a good idea, and it seems viable to also send home info with a parent purchasing a video game. even parents that go out and buy games for their kids seem ignorant of the rating system. the more the ball is in the court of parents, the less flak the industry should receive (or can justifiably receive).