Uncharted: Drake's Fortune: Jet Ski Ruins Gameplay has posted this exclusive video of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

Check it out.

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techie4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

6 million polygon scene with buildings reflected in the water. AND IM NOT WATCHING IT!

Plus note - this is an old build, as the explosions haven't been updated to what they are now :)

mesh14069d ago

why shud he believe u ?this are new clips btw and this game i cant belive u think this game has good grapics shows how far fanboys can dream anyway this game is depthless the action is "PA"pa"pa" pa that all u here from the guns which all sound the same and have o feel to them its like yawn the repetitiveness is rediculous in this game all lvls seen have the same undertone there is no in depth story its based on A POP movie god this game is average im happy that its coming out when assassins creed/mass effect/cod4 are coming out as gamer/reviews will be review all at the same time .

Biphter4069d ago

You don't even own a PS3 so whats your problem?

Get over your hate for Sony. The way you talk, nobody will ever listen to you either.

I think it Looks fantastic, especially the water effects. Small touches like the bodies floating in the water look realistic. I admit the barrels explode a bit like they are made of nothing, but it could be a missing effect.

To judge the WHOLE game on 5 minutes of what seems like a transition scene is plain idiotic.

DrPirate4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )


This is an early build because there is alot of screen tearing occuring and missing frames of animation in Elena's model (Naughty Dog considers screen tearing a bug and has made it a point to clear every single one, the framerate never hits under 45 either, Naughty Dog considers a framerate of under 30 to be a bug in the game).

We've seen the new explosions, they don't look anything like that anymore. People thought the mini nuclear bombs were crap looking, they still look stylized, but to a less extent. In case you also didn't know, splashes weren't put into the game until recently. Those explosions from the barrels now causes ripples and splashing in the water. If you look at old footage, enemies fall into the water, Drake would run through little puddles and dive through them but it wouldn't cause a splash. Now they do.

Also, the shooting isn't like that anymore ever since TTP on NeoGAF made a big deal of how bad it looked. Evan himself came out and said they completely revamped how it looked because it looked bad even internally.

Seraphim4069d ago

Still one of the top 2 games on my list either way... But I do have to admit, hopefully they remove some of those barrels and make this section a little more fun. As it stands from that video, it's more hassle and dumb than it would be fun...

sonarus4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

here is my unbiased opinion. 1st the bad.
The barrell explosions look pretty lame not the worst but with a game that looks this good you will expect a lil better. The water splashes also arent as realistic as they can be not as bad as the explosions but am sure cud be better

The good.
Game looks f'in amazing. Graphics are mad solid also if you didnt notice they got wet which i think is pretty cool. The water jet ski takes away from the repetitiveness this will definetly be th eps3 game of the yr. Hopefully its not 6hrs long like call of duty. And for the clown hating on the game jst let it go you knw u wish u had it but u cnt have it all if u wanna play it get a ps3 or jst let it go

Lol to the guy below everyone is entitled to their own opinion i thought it looked great u think it looks terrible to each his own. Am sure if u want you can try to ride past the barrels but they might get shot and u might die if u wanna play it like a race go ahead its ur choice this game isnt about a jet ski thing it would have been better if u could move and shoot maybe use a lil six axis for that wateva but they didnt but am still gonna enjoy the jet ski scene regardless

marinelife94069d ago

That looked terrible. I'm on a jet ski don't put oil drums in my way. And if you do make it so I can shoot them while I roll. It supposed to be fast not let me stop in the middle of the moat to shoot someone who already has a bead on me in the first place.

ip-student4069d ago

Graphics looked pretty cool - explosions were a little weak but not bad. But I don't understand how it could be set so easy - in most games sitting around like that would get you killed. Seems like getting shot had no effect on health. But I suspect balancing issues are being resolved and I like to see a change of pace in a game - keeps things interesting. Hard to tell much from such a short section but this better be good though - the PS3 needs some good games.

uxo224069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

I think having to stop and seek out these almost perfectly camoflauged enemies takes away from gameplay. It was pretty obvious that in some cases the player knew where the enemies were being that he stopped and shot them before they actually show at him.

It would have been nice if the scene would have been where you must drive between the barrels with explosions happening all around you blowing you off course and things like that. Even James Bond wouldn't stop cold turkey and take aim on targets while being shot at. Perhaps they could have put a gun on the jetski with a pipper that aims as you steer so that you can just haul A$$ and shoot at the same time.

Anyway, the game still looks great. I'm going to wait for the reviews before buying this one. Although, I think it will review pretty well. We'll see.

b777conehead4069d ago

mesh1 your a idiot, better graphics then your 360 has ever displayed

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MaximusPrime4069d ago

overly impressed. This game is on my wishlist. ohhhhh yeaaa.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4069d ago

pretty damn cool, graphics look really good.

Kokoro4069d ago

with the explosion. And why no reload for the shotgun? Otherwise, it looks great

osirisomeomi4069d ago

I'm not a big fan of constantly having to stop and shoot those barrels. That doesn't seem very fun.
Game looks great, and everything else seems to be really awesome.

Panthers4069d ago

thats a grenade launcher, and I dont know why she doenst reload it

Kokoro4069d ago

the new build then, this is the current video, and it looks dull in the explosion, nothing to fuss about. I'll see the improve explosion when I buy the game, but now, it look ok

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malingenie4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Why does it say : "Jet Ski Ruins Gameplay" in the title?

I can't see the vid, I'm at work.

Edit: Damn, that is a terribly named video.
Edit2: The reason I can't see it at work is because I get blocked out of most interesting webpages. That way I suppoosedly don't waste time.

MaximusPrime4069d ago

you need to download flash. You cant see the embedded video since you do not have flash-enabled on your computer.

millertime83064069d ago

Haha, yea I misinterpreted the title too, until I read the gametrailers description and realized that he jet skis through ancient ruins. So, much to my relief, the jet ski sequence does not ruin the gameplay :)

Agriel4069d ago

its "ruins" like a city in Ruins not ruins like "you ruined my day". I read it that way at first also. Poorly named video lol

Torch4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

I thought it was just another one of those dime a dozen connotations that seem to be becoming more common around here, but actually, it's not:

Don't think of "ruins" as a verb, but rather as a noun pertaining to ancient architectural artifacts, such as "Roman ruins", or the "ruins of Pompeii", and it'll make a whole lot more sense.

Still funny though.

Uh, what millertime8306 and Agriel says. ^^^^^^^^^

(How'd I not see their comments before???)

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