PlayStation network should be kept offline expert warns

THE government should veto the operation of Sony's PlayStation games network until it is satisfied the company can adequately protect customer privacy, an Australian security expert says.

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PimpHandHappy2504d ago

i bet they can hack the Australian government and i bet he wouldn't say lets shut down the government till we can say we are safe from being hacked

FACTUAL evidence2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Instead of completely shutting down the network, I think a warning about people's personal information should be bought to further notice. Sony should show a message when signing in saying it. So people with CC info, or anything else personal should try to hold back with purchase for the next couple of weeks. Or use at your own risk.

Sony should just advise people to use their playstation network cards until further notice.

FunAndGun2504d ago

After all this has happened, why would you keep a credit card on 'file' under your account anyway. Once you use your credit card to add money to your wallet, DELETE the card information! You will have to re-enter all your CC info next time you add money, but your details won't be sitting in your account.

Use PSN cards or continually delete CC info after use.

Why even take that chance when you can pretty much protect yourself if you sacrifice a little convenience. Even before this outage, I would never keep my CC info on file. It takes 5 mins to re-add that information, but it helps with peace of mind about having that info stolen.

graemed-ps32504d ago

I dont care, i will still keep my cc info on the psn.

rockleex2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Ahahah! The Australian government was recently hacked in March and this Australian security expert has the audacity to tell Sony what they should do?

Australia where games get banned left and right. Australia where it seems they have no respect for video games at all.

Heck, Jack Thompson should just move to Australia and become Prime Minister.

inveni02503d ago

I have a feeling that any 'vulnerabilities' are being heavily monitored. Any hacker attempts will probably be tracked and prosecuted. If you can't be hack-proof, at least be hacker-proof. I think Sony has learned that.

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anh_duong2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

in fact the australian government was hacked this year:


even the pm security was compromised

soundslike2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

I feel sorry for Australian gamers.

FragGen2504d ago

They should keep the whole internet offline if they're concerned about privacy. LOL. How about facebook, youtube, etc? :)

egidem2504d ago

This goes to show that nothing is ever safe online. Bad unfortunate things happened to Sony, and some people were bound to lose trust in sony. We saw this coming.

Anon19742503d ago

Yeah, because that's what the world needs. MORE government meddling in business. /s

You know what there's laws that deal with privacy concerns. If Sony is breaking the law with regard to the way they handle people's data, then there should be a criminal investigation. Take it to the authorities if you think Sony has done something wrong.

If not, stfu.

And as for credit cards, credit card information was encrypted. I, for one, have no concerns about linking my credit card to my account. I've been using my credit card online for probably over a decade now. I'm not about to succumb to the fear mongers who are crying "OMG. The Internets aren't safe!" You live in fear if you want. Have fun with that. In the meantime I'll continue to use my card online and just exercise some common sense.

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Legionaire20052504d ago

Its been out for a long time now!!! What you want us to wait a year? E3 is coming out for crying out loud!!!

Uncharted3Goty2504d ago

LOL it would of been worse if it was offline when E3 was coming then the whole sony e3 would be updates sony enters and is like we can confirm that we are working on it and it would be 100 times stronger then before.

DeadlyFire2504d ago

Government can KMA. Why? They want to control the internet. This is just BS propaganda to get the government to say well we could have prevented something like this.

Uncharted3Goty2504d ago

i hope sony can Keep There PSN up and running strong lets hope these doesnt happen again ( sony has had a rough week Law suits from People saying there information has been taken credit card numbers and many more) i am sure sony is doing the best they can to keep it up and secure.

elondonred2504d ago

Sony only turned on matchmaking. Therefore even if its hacked there'll be nothing to steal

mrv3212504d ago

'HAHA I stole your KDR'-Hacker

'I would have given it to you anyway it's 2.11'-PSN user

'Damn, back to DOS attacks for me'-Hacker

Bowzabub2504d ago

I'd like to see these hackers hack these "experts". Nothing is foolproof.

MGRogue20172504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

"PlayStation network should be kept offline expert warns"

... what, so then I can't play MotorStorm: Apocalypse or Uncharted 2 multiplayer? Yeah, That's a great idea. >_>


(I feel like I speak for almost everybody on PSN with this comment)

Guard7192504d ago

Yea. As a fellow PS3 owner and PSN user, you do. And its been up for 48 hours already with little issue. I think thats satisfaction enough. I played Homefront for several hours last night to with little issue. Seldom lag but that was it.

Uncharted3Goty2504d ago

PSN is working perfectly there is no problem with online works great no lag no delay and in no time the PS store will be back and everything will be running again

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