The Witcher 2 Premium Edition unboxed

MyGaming opens up a retail copy of The Witcher 2 Premium Edition, complete with photos.

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fluffydelusions2688d ago

Cool map. I wonder how big the world is, anyone know? I know LA Noire is 8 sq miles. 2 open world games tomorrow. Great news.

ezcex2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )


pr0digyZA2688d ago

You should check out some previews and then you will see why he wrote lol.

frelyler2688d ago

Screw the box I want some English reviews

WetN00dle692688d ago

Well i for one am freaking pissed!
My copy wont be shipped till the 8th from amazon!!!!!
And i wont be getting it till the 9th! Isnt the release date tomorrow? Ahh well the good thing is that i bought it for $4.49.

stuntman_mike2688d ago

i cant wait to get it this week.

pr0digyZA2688d ago

Picking it up tomorrow, hope I can sleep.

stuntman_mike2688d ago

i ordered from a company called zavvi they had it cheap but thier delivery isnt very quick you never get your game on release day with them. (well i havent so far) but i dony mind waiting for this awesome game, just need to find time for LA noir.