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Submitted by LewisDenby 1734d ago | news

No plans for Fable II PC version; Lionhead working on "new projects"

As the original Fable was released on PC, and Fable III is set for a PC release tomorrow, there’s been a lot of chatter about the possibility of a PC version of Fable II, which was an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Unfortunately for PC players, developers Lionhead seem to have crushed any hopes. (Fable 2, PC, Xbox 360)

Substance101  +   1734d ago
"Unfortunately for PC players, developers Lionhead seem to have crushed any hopes."

Haha think most of us will be busy with Witcher 2 anyways. Fable 3 will most likely be a bargain bin pick up.
RedDeadLB  +   1734d ago
Fuck Fable, I want Gears 2 & 3 on PC.
MWH  +   1734d ago
don't compliment yourself Lionhead, the game suck spider balls. you can keep it.
NateCole  +   1734d ago
Let me see Witcher 2 or Fable 2..umm tough choice /s
wallis  +   1734d ago
Nooooo! Now my decisions won't have vast, epic and morally complex consequences that sweep across the dynamic and changing landscape of albion in the greatest RPG ever made! What other game will give me the incredibly complicated and ethically confusing decisions that I crave as a gamer!?

Where, tell me where, will I find a game with a moral compass as complicated as "stamp on the child's face, or give her a hug?"

In fact I do understand this decision when I think about it. After all lionhead devs do have the tremendously time consuming job of taping shut molyneux's mouth. Is there even enough duct tape on Earth to cover that surface area?
outwar6010  +   1734d ago
dont worry pc peeps you weren't missing much fable is just a overhyped turd of a game
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Rainstorm81  +   1734d ago
Funny.... a few months ago alot of PC fans were exciting about getting another fable...I guess the witcher erased all of that huh?
pr0digyZA  +   1734d ago
I am sure there was an article where Peter said there was going to be more love to the PC, guess they just said that to try and sell fable 3. I am picking up Witcher 2, in fact it seems do do more of what fable promised but in a more realistic way.Any way I had Fable 2 on 360 and after that experience I didn't buy Fable 3, and don't plan to either unless its at a ridiculous price.
banjadude  +   1733d ago
Awww :(
I have a capable PC, and it just feels weird to have Fable 1 and 3, and have 2 skipping it altogether.

Developers/publishers... they are a strange breed.

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