Xbox 360 with built in HD DVD drive a bad thing?

The ability for the PlayStation 3 to play Blu-ray movies out of the box has been one of the system's strongest selling points in the next-gen console war.

But what if Microsoft started including HD DVD drives in the Xbox 360? Would that be enough to tilt the scale permanently?

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Jones Miller4071d ago

the early adopters are gonna suffer!

marinelife94071d ago

Screw the early adopters I say make games that take advantage of it. Why still fight with one hand behind your back if you don't have to. If you make a few games that are so awesome that everyone has to play them people will go back and buy the add-ons. By then the add on could be less than $100 anyway.

This is how the 360 should have been release from the beginning. HD-DVD, wireless, standard hard drive, and a cooler 65nm processor.

riksweeney4071d ago


Good idea! And while they're at it make sure that all future games need a HD and HDMI just to make sure they completely alienate the remaining users.


m91058264071d ago

Except for the fact that the add-on doesn't have the bandwidth to run a game smoothly from it. Try again later...

squallsoft4071d ago

lol at early 360 adopters who are gonna need to buy a new system. thanks MS for proving why the PS3 is a great buy! XD

toughNAME4071d ago

no one needs to buy a new system...since the VAST majority of this planet do not have an HD tv...and if you WANT buy the add on

on the other hand...what happens with the soon to be 5 million+ (minimum) useless PS3 controllers?
the experience is limited

Choice - ya gotta love it

marinelife94071d ago

Too bad HD televisions compose 80% of new TV buys.

Baba19064071d ago

useless ps3 controllers ? im not buying 4 rumble controllers. =D one is enough for me =D

DrPirate4071d ago

ToughName, usually I don't retort to your responses which are generally, well thought out.

But that was really stupid....

Even though I'm buying a rumble controller, I'll still be able to use the Sixaxis for a second player, or while my primary controller is charging.... They'll still be able to be used.

The Wood4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

makes a fair point but the price of a pad, that is still usable and the cost of buying a hddvd drives are not the same or even comparable. I dont have to get a rumble pad if i dont want to but if ms uses the hddvd drive to play games (which i doubt) the total cost of owning a 360 is going to be greater than the ps3 and i dont think ms would want that nor the f'boys who whine about the fixed cost of the ps3 whilst somehow forgetting the increasing cost of owning the latest version of the ever evolving 360. I say that last statement because i know a few owners of the 360's who 'upgraded' to the elite. Personally i think they should make games on it eventually because i think deep down we know that the 360's potential is being helb back by dvd9. We will all see better/different/more expansive games if ms chose to adopt this. Dont be afraid of the 'i told you so's cause they aint worth squat when you playing your games and further realising the 360's potential

aiphanes4071d ago

Most of the addons for the Xbox 360 are overprices, including the HD-DVD addon...

Look really have to buy the Xbox 360 elite to get the best deal...and that is now $449

These are all pricing...
Xbox 360 elite...$449
Xbox 360 HD-DVD addon- $179
Xbox 360 wifi adapter - $94.99

total price is $722.99

PS3 40GB pricing on
PS3 40GB $399.99
HDMI 1.3a Category 2 Certified CL2 Rated cable from $21.20
Link to this cable:

HITACHI Travelstar 5K160 HTS541616J9SA00 (0A28844) 160GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache Serial ATA150 Notebook Hard Drive - OEM $89.99
Link to this drive:

Total price $421.19 with standard 40GB SATA
$511.18 with extra 160GB SATA drive..

Remember bluray, HDMI 1.3a, and wifi are included in the 40 GB PS3, along with Spiderman 3 bluray movie and 5 free bluray movies coupon.

Microsoft does not make a xbox 360 compatibile drive bigger than 120GB, and it is $179 for this drive for the lesser Xbox 360s! You can get a industry standard 250GB 2.5 inch sata drive for the PS3 for around that price or less!!!

Also the PS3 hardware is more state of the art and a lot more reliable. There are no overheating problems in the PS3.

You do not need backwards compatiblity when all these awesome PS3 only games are comming out late this year and all of 2008. After you play killzone 2, Little big planet, and MGS4 and even final fantasy 13...why would you even want to go back and play a PS2 game? All the remaing PS2 owners will jump into the PS3 camp when final fantasy 13 comes out...they will sale millions of PS3 during that week alone.

The will will continue to sale hardware...and the only thing that nintendo can do is get that wii fit will sale more wii hardware. Nintendo is smart...they have to keep up what they are doing...but they are not saling a lot of software like microsoft...yet..Mario Galaxy might do it...

This christmas...people are going to want a PS3 or a Wii....$50 more than the Xbox 360 premium for a device that has a steal....

gogators4071d ago

and most people will look for the console that plays the games they want to play. While additional features are always nice, its the games that move systems. What ever console you look, its the games.

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Premonition4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Hey toughname, your make a stupid comparison with buying another controler vs buy a 100+ dollar add on? come on man, you know this would be a bad move by MS why dont you just admit it and stop being a fanboy, because you standby anything MS does either good or bad, and sometimes stupid which is the case here, and if the new 360 with HD DVD does play games then its bad for the other guys who have the older models because now devs can put extra content on the HD DVD version or probably could make it look better since they dont have to compress as much vs what they put on DVD9.

EDIT: bloody are you his buddy or something? Or because of the fact I made a better statement than he made, you have to come to his rescue.

BloodySinner4071d ago

What? He's not entitled to an opinion now?

CRIMS0N_W0LF4071d ago

"DVD9 is enough for this Generation"

*Adds New X360 with built in HD DVD for games*


BloodySinner4071d ago


Kyur4ThePain4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

If you keep abusing the bubble system like that, we might have to remove all yours. Careful, now.

- edit -

So, Bloody. Which partr of his comment was "retarded"?
The quote from MS about DVD being enough, or his reiteration that MS might now be including an HD-DVD drive with the 360?
It's great that you own up to dropping bubbles, but Jesus, make sense when you do.

BloodySinner4071d ago

Actually, it's not abuse. If I see a retarded comment, I just take the bubble. After all, that's why the system is there. And unlike you, and many other users, I don't hide and simply take out the bubble, I actually call out the user and make sure they know who took it.

Have a nice day.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4071d ago

With your own saying even if someone makes a joke so posts something like "I agree" you remove bubble?

We should remove all the bubbles from you for abusing.

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Mikey_Gee4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Look a little lower on the page, or if you are to lazy, click this

razer4071d ago

PS3tards are all in a blind rage there is no reasoning at this point.

Arrogant twats at its finest!

NoUseMerc4071d ago

Hey there. Toshiba is just in denial. The HD-DVD player whether built in or bought as an add-on will be used for games. It has been confirmed.

For developer already looking to use the HD-DVD player is Origo-Gaming for their RPG title "The Embrace of Time"

Just wait. It will happen.

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