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Will Battlefield 3 Have Multiple Expansion Packs?

Even though this quote,"Anyone who preorders Battlefield 3 will receive our first themed expansion pack at no extra charge.", from a recent Battlefield Blog Article does not seem like much, it could have some potential meaning in it. (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Warprincess116  +   1315d ago
Of course it will. You know EA is greedy when it comes to money. Ugh now watch the Battlefield fanboys disagree with me. The point is they are still charging money for the expansion pack. So stop trying to make EA and dice look like angels because their not.
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callmedom94  +   1315d ago
Last time I checked, Battlefield offered many free map packs and downloads in Bad Company 2. BF2, these packs are now free, yes they did cost at one point..

Call of Duty was greedy in every one of their games, charging $10 for a few maps 3 times at least for each game. That is greedy..
ddkshah  +   1314d ago
COD charges $15 for 3 maps + a zombie one not 10
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evrfighter  +   1314d ago
That's unfortunate. DLC guarantees a shorter lifespan. you'll see me praising bf3 but sorry DICE I don't bother with DLC.
Nitrowolf2  +   1315d ago
They are still better then Activision with COD
When was the last time they gave you something for free?
At least EA always offer free DLC with their games.
I'm surprised on how many months they work on the maps and still lack the quality of BF maps.
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Kewl_Kat  +   1314d ago
"The point is they are still charging money for the expansion pack." So it's bad for EA to run a business? Unlike the blurring distinction between beta and demo nowadays, the difference between expansion pack and dlc is still very much significant. Have you played Bad Company 2 Vietnam? Now that's a good example of what EA and DICE can do with expansion packs. By the way, no ones trying to make EA look like angels, that's Activision's job =]
DelbertGrady  +   1314d ago
The Vietnam expansion was worth every penny.
ZeroX9876  +   1314d ago
I prefer a 20$ expansion that adds guns, vehicules, maps and maybe new attachements (if there's some) than a 15$ for 3 maps and a zombie map.
Even more, I prefer a 20$ expansion pack than another BF every freaking year! (CoD reference)
lil Titan  +   1314d ago
if its worth it which im pretty sure they will make it people will buy it, console DLC should be free if they not gonna support 64 player online tho or make the game half price because im not pay a full $60 for a game pc players get the max experience with. might have to depend on my friends sticky fingers for this one
BlitzAK  +   1314d ago
Hahaaa, agreed, I find the 20 disagrees and your statement great.
wwm0nkey  +   1315d ago
Would not mind expansions as long as they are like the BF2 and BF2142 expansions.
SweatyFlorida  +   1315d ago
Well duh, if you played BFBC2 you would know they released a map like every month. I just hope they also include other in game stuff besides maps, and I'm not talking about spectact or xp bonus ;)
2fk  +   1315d ago
i hoping for a Vietnam expansion on BF3; it would be awesome =)
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PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1314d ago
i hope it has battlefield is the only game i buy dlc without remorse i mean vietnam for $15?? hell.. is 10 times better than those cod map packs
KillerPwned  +   1314d ago
Of course let a alone all the mods that are gonna be on PC it will be crazy!
KeiserSosay4788  +   1314d ago
Bf2's expansions were totally worth it. Anyone remember special forces? Night maps, grappling hooks, zip lines, weapons. Those expansions ruled. If bf3 has anything like that then count me in.
callmedom94  +   1314d ago
Exactly. This was so cool and a great addition to the game. Couldn't beat parachuting from a spaw and being high on a building and shooting a zip line to a building below. Some of the weapons were able to be sused that you couldn't regularly use. Hopefully DICE Will have a couple expansion packs for the community like they did for bf2.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1314d ago
Definetly, also I'm sure these are going to be great.
GrumpyVeteran  +   1314d ago
If I've already bought the game($50), I'd rather not spend $20 more for each expansion pack.

All this will do is fragment the BF3 community early on, from the people who have money to burn to people who don't to the people who hate the DLC model by principle.
hazelamy  +   1314d ago
it's ea, do you even need to ask that question?
MasterD919  +   1314d ago
I don't have much experience with Battlefield DLC but I know that I'm done buying COD DLC...thats for sure.

Definitely picking up BF3.
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undercovrr  +   1314d ago
Will articles stop being in the form of annoying questions?

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