L.A. Noire: 5 Essential Tips from Team Bondi

IGN: "It may have car chases, shoot-outs and an open-world, but L.A. Noire actually has more in common with a classic adventure game than Grand Theft Auto. That's what makes the title unique; the fact that its gameplay is grounded in gathering clues and observation, interrogating suspects and keeping track of information.

So what should you know going into L.A. Noire? What crucial pieces of advice will help you most enjoy your stay in 1947 L.A.? We went straight to the source for the answers. Team Bondi's Lead Designer Alex Carlyle was kind enough to supply IGN with his 5 Essential Tips."

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alien6262531d ago

great game cant stop playing it people will love this game

VINNIEPAZ2531d ago

Same here, I normally dont have patients for games like this. But I'm really liking this game for some reason.

DelbertGrady2531d ago

How can you guys have it already? Don't tell me you pirated it. If it's such a work of art it deserves its dollar.

alien6262531d ago

oh no its not pirated just a store near my house that sells games early...but they only had xbox version i have to wait for ps3 on tuesday

mafiahajeri2531d ago

I got the ps3 version yesterday streetdates are broken yo know? any way this games amazing real contender for game of the year really feels unique...

Zydake2530d ago

mom and pop stores already sell them but im waiting for my gamestop copy.. ugh

Krakn3Dfx2531d ago

F IGN, not giving them the benefit of a click.

dragon822531d ago

They were actually good tips though.