Eurogamer: Final Fantasy II Review 4/10

The chances of finding a gamer interested in owning Final Fantasy II out of historical curiosity who is simultaneously yet to actually play the game might be problematic for Square-Enix. Once upon a time this was a tricky title to find outside of Japan, but nowadays, thanks to emulation and fan translation, not to mention re-releases on WonderSwan Color, PlayStation, various mobile phones and the GBA (in the form of Dawn of Souls) the chances are that any interested parties already regretfully own this primitive RPG.

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cloud360-7th_account3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I will give 1989 slack since its the first game they created

CRIMS0N_W0LF3773d ago

I'm debating if I buy FF and FF II on PSP....

GamerMan3773d ago

I have Final Fantasy, Final Fatasy II, and Final Fantasy Tactics for my PSP ... alll of them are fun. The updates they did with FF and FFII really helped me enjoy it better than the originals. Final fantasy Tactics I can't comment on much yet cause I have only loaded it and played the first battle.. Still working on Jeanne D'arc. Which is really fun btw.