Gamerstorm Review: Crysis 2

Gamerstorm's George writes:

"Crysis 2 is the third game in the Crysis series (yep…), a saga that began in 2007 on the PC but until the release of Crysis 2 has never been available to console gamers. Find out what I think of Crysis 2 after the jump!"

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jeseth2562d ago

After all the hype had settled I finally got Crysis 2 during PSN's down time and I thought it wasn't as good as the original Crysis.

Not a bad game by any means though. I'd give it a 7.5-8.0/10.

This site is probly just looking for hits.

Georgeshine2561d ago

I wrote this review before I was even aware of this website's existence, let alone before I began writing for it. I try to review as many games/films/albums as I can in my spare time, I've got a hard drive full of them that no-one but me has ever seen. I can assure you I am not in the slightest looking for hits.

DaTruth2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

I was playing Infamous recently and noticed that the global illumination and everything lighting related that was touted in Crysis 2 is in Infamous, but Infamous has the lighting in every light(including all streetlights), and when Cole is using lightning powers, he even casts multiple shadows of himself; all this while actually being an openworld game!

Why couldn't Crytech figure it out?

Not a 5/10 game though by any measure!

[email protected]: So Crysis 2 does do that on console? There's nothing there to disagree with!

Tachyon_Nova2562d ago

That's not what global illumination is. GI is effectively real time light bouncing

humbleopinion2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

It's actually sad to see how uneducated people are, making comments about global illumination without even knowing what it is.
Even sadder is actually comparing Crysis 2 with Infamous. All infamous has is a deffered rendering engine in an open world game - just like Crackdown had before it (and with a better drawing distance).
It has no Global Illumination, no HDR and no SSAO - the combination of these lighting techniques and tricks is what gives Crysis 2 its amazing looks.

DaTruth2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

What the hell are you guys talking about! What did I say GI is? Reread my comment please!

@Tachyon Nova: And what you're talking about real-time ray tracing! Get your facts straight! Crysis 2 doesn't have any of that! I was commenting on Crysis 2's lighting being almost all baked in except for the sun on consoles!

Stupid N4G trolling geeks and Crysis 2 defense force!

InTheKnow2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

WoW...does this guy really want anybody to believe that nonsense. Comparing Crysis to Uncharted 2 and Heavy rain and then saying they have better graphics should help put this heap of nonsense in order.

Here's some 360 gameplay to remind the fanboys what's up...

Crysis is indeed a sandbox based game. ANYONE who has ever played a sandbox game would know that. There are many linear sections but that had to do with something called pacing, you obviously don't know what that is either.

Crying about linear game play and how the story is told with cut scenes and then compare it to Uncharted and Heavy Rain, one with some of the most cut scenes EVER in Uncharted and the other a entire game built on RTE's is...well...O_o

Alcatraz doesn't talk enough. I guess you wanted him to tell you some dumb jokes like Drake or maybe ask for directions or some other silly thing like that. There are a couple of ways they could go with game like this, one is talk all the time like your buddy drake or two, talk very little or not at all. Alcatraz is suppose to be YOU. That's why they are always telling you what to do and where to go.

" Game play is just call of duty "...I must be playing a different game. I don't remember an invisibility cloak in Call of duty that was upgradeable nor do I remember the armor that is upgradeable as well or the other numerous abilities. Those are called GAME CHANGERS. Lucky for you Crytek released a whole host of video's to help noobs like yourself, you must of missed it like everything else...take a look, WARNING, the epicness of this trailer burns retinas.

Multi-player demo tutorial with the same features as the single player.

Had problems with the story. It seemed pretty straight forward. It's Kinda surprising you had issues since you claim to be some sort of Crysis 1 vet. Luckily Crytek released a video to help the " pro's " like yourself with the story.

The game is not perfect, NO game is. AI that breaks from time to time and a rather severe case of pop in are the two biggest complaints but the game is far from unplayable or broken. It's to bad that besides being months late with a review, that you decided to try a discredit a game that is anything but what you described.

Here's a great trailer made by one of the games fans.

BTW...easily a 8.5-9/10

maxcavsm2562d ago

WHoa! 5/10 seems a bit low, eh?

2562d ago
awiseman2562d ago

What an awful review. He says the story is rigid and deosnt flow smoothly, I wonder what he thinks if the COD storyline.

Just a nobody site looking for hits.

kaveti66162562d ago

I don't understand your statement.

Has he complimented COD? Why do you attach claims to him and then attack him?

Georgeshine2561d ago

I love the storylines of COD4 and MW2, those games are examples of smooth-flowing campaigns. What I mean by 'rigid' is that have you realised that ALL plot points in Crysis 2 are delivered to you when you are on your back? It felt as if the writers wrote the story afterwards and retro-fitted it in to the gameplay itself, and rather than the story be told through significant events during gameplay and well-placed cutscenes, the writers thought "Look, Alacatraz has fallen over, let's tell some more story!" without any regard for how much doing so interrupts the story.

ATiElite2562d ago

He should of posted this review when the game first came out.

I myself find crysis 2 to be WORSE than Crysis 1. Played it for several hours during my Arma II lan party and felt very disappointed. the $5 bucks we all chipped in for it could of been used for beer!

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