PSN back online in India

After a long wait, gamers in India finally have access to the Playstation Network. Yes, you will be finally able to play your games with fellow PSN users. It was a bit of an epic moment when I logged in to see no one online, and the last guy online was 24 days ago.

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Warprincess1162259d ago

And this is news because...

rabidpancakeburglar2259d ago

Because there are people in India who will use PSN and also use N4G

LOGICWINS2258d ago Show
Christopher2259d ago

Because India is neither the U.S. or Europe and Sony has had very shoddy news updates for the various other regions.

Nitrowolf22258d ago

Maybe because every other region thats not USA or EU is just as important. Wow it's like those are the only countries that deserve news post.

a_bro2258d ago Show
Ser2258d ago

India is just as important as any other place.

Happy to hear that it's up for you guys!

rdgneoz32258d ago

India is very important. I got my KZ3 beta from their store when they had the error that anyone could get it and not just PS+ users.

BiggCMan2258d ago

I constantly see ridiculous comments from this girl, but this one is probably the worst yet. Insulting an entire country like that is extremely rude, and was very unnecessary. India is just as important as the rest of the world, whether you believe it or not. Human beings populate the country just like they do in America, England, Canada, and everywhere else. Spouting all your fanboy comments is immature and annoying as it is, insulting a country as if it is unimportant just makes you a bad person.

Spitfire_Riggz2258d ago

If only we could get her down to zero bubbles...

SonyNGP2258d ago

Indian gamers needed to be informed. Herp Derp.

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fedex6822258d ago

I am from India...Just got up to see this...Awesome!

InLaLaLand2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Mera bhai, bahut acchi khabare hai.

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HeavenlySnipes2258d ago

Quick question. I was playing from 3 until the Maimi Vs Chi game at 8:00 EST, PSN wasn't down. I tried like 30 min ago and it wasn't working. How long was it down because I saw some PSN is down again threads on other sites this morning and I had no problem until half and hour ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.