'Breaking' Video Game Research at E for All – 5 Different Types of Gamers

The E for All Expo held in Los Angeles has been the "platform" for two new studies from research firms IDC and IDG Entertainment (IDGE) this year, regarding the future of the video games market. The official report also talks of the five key segments of gamers, also revealing new data on the acquisition of video games through non-traditional means, as an increasing phenomenon, and on the people purchasing games........

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RadientFlux3836d ago

I'm a Core gamer and it appears my wife is a Social gamer.

Sam Fisher3836d ago

ima coregamer and my dog is an activegamer ("use gaming as a physical release")

Drano3836d ago

I'm a mix of Status and Core.

Jump Beyond.

Cat3836d ago

reads like a cosmo quiz.

evyrew3836d ago

I guess I'm a casual core? "don't feel the necessity to be the first to try a new game" + "main form of entertainment"