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So Why do People Jailbreak / Upgrade / Install Add-Ons Anyway?

windows7news.com: Microsoft have this week formally approved a tool that can set things right if you jailbreak your shiny new Windows Phone and then find that the process has broken the updater, so you can’t get the latest updates and patches from Microsoft. It’s a smart move and one that is surely going to win the company fans among the jailbreaking community.

Jailbreaking isn’t confined to Windows Phone though. It’s always been going on with the iPhone, the Playstation 3 and just about every locked down operating system on any device on the planet. (iPhone, Microsoft, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Pandamobile  +   1255d ago
Because people like doing things with their devices that aren't officially supported by the manufacturers.

Hey, just keepin it real.
Kalowest  +   1255d ago
"Because people like doing things with their devices that aren't officially supported by the manufacturers."
So true, I'm loving the transparent themes for the WP7. I'm also waiting for the right unofficial(hack/mod) Honeycomb update, so i can update my Galaxy Tab.
jeseth  +   1254d ago
The more some people are told not to do something the more they want to...

...its human nature i guess.
earbus  +   1254d ago
True ive just been jailbreaking my car.
xtremexx  +   1254d ago
how did you get carbreak its not out yet
iamnsuperman  +   1255d ago
Some stuff is quite cool (mainly the jail broken stuff). I personally do not do it but I can see the appeal
awiseman  +   1255d ago
Because greedy companies lock their devices so that you will have to either pay for what they "allow" or do without it. And im not just talking about Sony... almost all companies are guilty of this.

Now watch me get disagrees.
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iamnsuperman  +   1255d ago
Some stuff seams really neat and surprising that they do not release it. I am mainly talking about the Iphone/Ipad. There was a way to wireless sync stuff to Itunes ( http://www.tuaw.com/2010/05... You would think Apple would introduce this but so far hasn't
TronEOL  +   1254d ago
OR you could buy the product that gives you more of what you want. What greedy company is forcing you to buy their product? They aren't. This is easily the worst argument ever.

If you want a massively feature packed system, buy a PC.

Consoles are made to be limited and every single person in the world knows this. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are offering us things we never thought we could have at the same price of a PSOne or N64 when they first launched. So don't even give me "greedy companies". That's absolute BS.

Like my post below, the only greedy people are those who crack the systems, or products without any consideration of those who buy the product for what it is. Because all they care about is their personal gain.

I'll disagree with a damn good reason. As your views are messed up and people like you are going to be this worlds downfall.
Software_Lover  +   1254d ago
<<<Like my post below, the only greedy people are those who crack the systems, or products without any consideration of those who buy the product for what it is. Because all they care about is their personal gain. >>>

Damn right I crack my product and dont care about other people who buy it. Why should I? If I crack my iphone why should I care if you do or dont? People are salivating over the Transparent wallpapers on WP7. Some people are looking into hacking Ipad/iphone to be able to allow this. Are they big bad criminals?

you cant lump all people into the same category. Thats like saying all blacks are thugs. All whites are red-knecks. All people who crack/hack dont have criminal intentions.

What has overclocking done for the pc industry? Intel/AMD embraced it.
Tony P  +   1254d ago
That's a bit dramatic, Tron.

Many people modify what they own to fit their needs better. From the guy upgrading his brake pads to the programmer creating custom software for a team of designers... the world hasn't crumbled yet.
gamingdroid  +   1254d ago
I suppose you are one of those people that only do "what these companies want you to do".

I'm for freedom to use my property in a manner I see fit, and not to be told otherwise under the guise of "all hackers are evil".

Ignorance is a bliss! EOL....
duplissi  +   1255d ago
... because I CAN.
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Rybakov   1254d ago | Immature | show | Replies(3)
TronEOL  +   1254d ago
Because they aren't satisfied with what they're getting and want more. Aka incredibly greedy.

Don't even try to combat that, either. If they weren't greedy, they'd make sure it wasn't having any negative effects on normal users. All they think about is what THEY get out of it without any thought, or consideration, for those who bought the product for what it is and like it that way.

Not to mention many people lose money when those with bad intentions use it for doing wrong. Which ultimately makes the industry (any industry) more controlled. Then they use what they created as an excuse as to why they do what they do when they were the problem in the first place.

Really, if you want a computer, buy a computer. If you want a phone that does all those things, go join a company and make that phone, or those apps. Do it the way all these other people have to. Don't do it in a sneaky way that CAN harm the users who pay full for their products.
MintBerryCrunch  +   1254d ago
you make it sound so easy

jailbreaking is an option, and it opens up products to more features

as far as i've seen, no normal users have been hurt by jailbreaking...

people either use their products as intended, others want to see how far they can push the tech behind the gadgets they own

dont hate, and quit making it a black and white issue
Danielmccue  +   1254d ago
I was actually doing some snooping online like 2 hours ago.

Apparently Custon firmware on PS3 allows you to play mods that would normally only be available on PC.

I was actually thinking about switching to custom firmware when i eventually upgrade to a slim, although i have probably updated my ps3 too far.

the old modded one would be Offline/singleplayer only of course.

I don't see a problem with modding your console as long as your doing it offline and not messing other peoples gaming up.
DelbertGrady  +   1254d ago
Exactly. You're not using it to steal games or hurt any company or it's users.

Also, if you came up with a clever mod the company behind the product could use it in their firmware updates or re-designs. Unfortunately, many of the companies don't think that far.
jack who  +   1254d ago
cuz i prefer my phone running at 1.2ghz then saving on battery life
SpongeFreak52  +   1254d ago
So I can have quicker access to settings, customize my device's appearance more, and run apps that admittedly should not be in the hands of the average user (aka those that use excessive battery, overclocking, etc.)

It's not all about piracy folks, just take a look at the Cydia marketplace, all kinds of cool apps and tweaks you can get!
zeal0us  +   1254d ago
for features and apps that your phone provider/service provider tries to block.

also removing crap from the phone(s) i don't want/need thats only taking up space. For example lg/verizon thought was a good idea to make me take city id. good for 15 days but afterwords it become useless. even more worse to the matter i can't remove without be rooted.
xabmol  +   1254d ago
In game music on my PSP is nice. :)
SpLinT  +   1254d ago
someone needs to remove ps3 HDCP from the games so we can record our gameplay with HDMI 1080p.
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cyclonus007  +   1254d ago
In a way, jailbreaking leads to piracy. Not every person jailbreaks with the intention of piracy but pirates do benefit from the work of jailbreakers. Once a system is cracked open, there's a surge of people using that work to their own advantage. Is everyone going to use that knowledge in a responsible way? No and once that information is out, there is no way to ever fully control it again. Even if you aren't actively trying to pirate, the temptation of getting things for free can be overpowering.

It's a shame that a few people deciding to steal would put a bad light on everyone else but that's the world we live in.
littlebigmarcpsps3  +   1254d ago
lol i see.
so SONY PS3 jailbreak is wrong.but you guys agree with iphones and other smartphones jailbreak is OK.?
xabmol  +   1253d ago
Lumping everybody into one group is ignorant.

But yer avatar is awesome, so I agreed. ;)
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bobrea  +   1254d ago
You wouldn't download a car...
digitalivan  +   1254d ago
I would If I could.
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bobrea  +   1254d ago
Yea, me too
rob6021  +   1254d ago
Well it depends, if you're selling hardware at a loss with the prospect of software sales making up that money - you won't be around very long if you leave the gate to piracy wide open and easy to do. It's kind of an implied rule that they're giving you this hardware at a discount, as long as you buy your software legitimately. It's hard to call them greedy in that sense - they have to recoup their investment.

If you sell at a profit from the hardware (including phone contract fees) you'll probably still be profitable with rampant piracy. Let's not kid around MS isn't ever going to allow custom firmware on the XBox360; who's going to develop on the 360 if they do? Phones are a completely different market and profits don't rely on game sales.

I guess the moral of the story is not to sell your hardware at a loss - which unfortunately will likely lead to older less expensive to produce hardware for us console gamers.
MasterCornholio  +   1254d ago
To get free software for the most part.

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