NIS comments on voice-acting options and working with Sony for Bleach PS3

NIS America’ Houk comments on the voice-acting options for their Playstation 3 exclusive title, Bleach: Soul Resurrección. He also talks about working with Sony, who developed the game, on the project.

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Lindenn2351d ago

Awesome, Nis America, you bring us the good stuff. Keep it up

Nakiro2351d ago

I want to like it, but NIS will never be CyberConnect 2. Animations look rather stiff from all the stuff I've seen so far.

Hope the final product is better because I can't wait to play as Hitsugaya.

Kalowest2351d ago

I love CC2, i enjoyed the hell out of Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.

rockleex2351d ago

But CyberConnect 2 really needs to return their PS3 Naruto games back to the PS2 roots.

The 3D combat just doesn't require as much strategy and skills as the PS2 ones.

Neckbear2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Well, it's not like NIS is -developing- it in the first place. They're only bringing it over North America.

Also, on topic while we're at it, Atlus USA could learn something about these guys, especially in this statement: "...but we're still very much dedicated to the kinds of games that allowed us to tackle a huge property like Bleach in the first place".

Redempteur2351d ago

exactly nis didn't make the game, sony did..

callahan092351d ago

What do you mean NIS will never be CyberConnect 2? I think you're implying that NIS games aren't as good as CC2 games... but that's irrelevant here, because this game is just being localized for North America by NISA. It was not developed by NIS. It was actually internally developed at Sony Japan Studio.

just_sayin2351d ago

Bamco could learn something from these guys. Release in june for japan august for na wow. Tales of grace f i'll c u next year ... sigh

Nakiro2351d ago

At the same time, they have been releasing the Naruto games in NA first.

user8586212351d ago

they talking about that dynasty warriors bleach game??

Nakiro2351d ago

Yeah, I have a feeling they will have a VS mode in there as well though.

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