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Modern Warfare 3 vs Modern Warfare 2: Weapons And Environments Comparison

GB: "It’s hard not to compare upcoming sequels to their predecessors, so here’s some screens comparing what we’ve seen of Modern Warfare 3 with Modern Warfare 2. We already know that MW3 is set to have a globe-trotting campaign on a whole different level to MW2 so, even though the environments comparison is intriguing, we know MW3 will have much more to offer in that department as it nears release. The other shots that focus on various weapon comparisons show off a new level of lighting realism in MW3." (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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halocursed  +   1565d ago
Modern Warfare 2 doesn't cut it imo....Battlefield 3 will blow mw3 in to pieces when it hits this November, Gamover Bobby and Acti...finally.
ambientFLIER  +   1565d ago
Stop being an idiot. MW2 is very good looking considering the frame rate. Hell, it's good looking for a regular game. I know it's cool and all to be hating on anything COD these days, but grow up...
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user9422077  +   1565d ago
MW3; can't wait.
Organization XII  +   1565d ago
Ronaldo is lame. MW3? meh.. its gonna be a decent console game thats it, for PC its the all mighty BF3!!
chriski333  +   1565d ago
sorry but it looks the same sad really i was kinda hoping for a new engine but i guess not
CaptainPunch  +   1565d ago
As soon as I saw the title I knew it was GamingBolt, easy articles for hits. I'm sorry but I've had enough with Call of Duty. Bring me Battlefield 3!
Joe2911  +   1565d ago
Why not just get both? I'm sure they will do everything they can to make a game to compete with BF3, but I still want to see some console gameplay for BF3.
evrfighter  +   1565d ago
"I'm sure they will do everything they can to make a game to compete with BF3"

no they won't.

and why not get both?

people have bought the same cod 3 times now. Not only just the games but the hundreds in DLC for the same maps.

Why not something new?
Joe2911  +   1565d ago
I see your a glass half empty kinda guy. Its a new team of people, I'm going to wait and see what they produce rather than slacking them off when you have no idea of what they are capable of.
Shmotz  +   1565d ago
So comparing a fully finished game to its sequel that is probably in alpha still?

moeqawama  +   1565d ago
Bubbles man... The game hasn't even been shown yet and there are already these retarded comparison articles. WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE COMPARING?! THERE IS NOTHING TO COMPARE YET!
yume-k  +   1565d ago
the pics for mw3 are from early development stages...
plus wtf with this shity site making stupid comparisons
those hit beggars should be banned from n4g!
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moeqawama  +   1565d ago
You sir also get bubbles and the same reply as I stated above ^^^
outlawlife  +   1565d ago
those are most likely not even in game shots, half of the mw3 shots look like they are still in an editor of some kind...stupid comparison

either way, still visually superior to the graphic mud of blackops
moeqawama  +   1565d ago
You too get bubbles lol
Elven6  +   1565d ago
What's the point of a comparison like this when,

A. So little is known about the leaked screenshots.
B. They are obviously from an early stage of development because there are visible textures missing in almost all of those shots, not to mention effects, lighting, etc.

At this rate, it won't be long before sites start comparing concept art to game renders.
moeqawama  +   1565d ago
You had the best answer to this
shooter1  +   1565d ago
Does anybody else notice in the picture where they are comparing a SCAR they are actually comparing a SCAR and m14 rifle?
peeps  +   1565d ago
yeh another reason why it's a rubbish comparison. If we must do comparisons could we at least wait for official screenshots/trailers?
DelbertGrady  +   1565d ago
Which is which?
theonlylolking  +   1565d ago
The first pic on the right side is COD4 skin in MW2, next black ops, then MW2. All of the pics to the left are MW3.
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SuperSaiyan4  +   1565d ago
this game even officially announced? If its MW3 and by Infinity Ward then im guessing no Activision. Cos Inifinity Ward dont work for Activision anymore.
oneDMAC  +   1565d ago
Actually IW at least the few of them still at IW do still work for Activision. I heard that sledgehammer and IW were making the single player and Raven was doing the MP. The game has been officially announced since IW decided to release the teaser trailer.

I do agree however that a comparison of a game in this stage of development is for lack of a better word retarded.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1565d ago
What's the difference? LOL

I'm pretty sure they were all MW2 screenshots /s.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1565d ago
DIdnt they say they didnt see a reason to make a new engine or something along those lines already? THey will just milk the same engine till the start of next gen is my guess and then just modify the current one to fit...
emekcrash  +   1565d ago
N4G before MW3 announcement: CoD sucks LOL I wont buy MW3 LONG LIVE BF3!!!

N4G after announcement: Why not buy both, they are both looking great?!

Yeah, no. Stick to your opinions idiots. (Respect to you if you do of course)
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retrofly  +   1565d ago
I've always been a fan of COD, which is hard being on N4G, permantly defending it when people talk complete bollocks.

Millions of copies sold for a reason.

I still play COD nearly every day, not becuase someones holding a gun to my head, but becuase I enjoy it.

I respect all gamers no matter what game they play, as long as they are having fun, isn't that what matters?
Hazmat13  +   1565d ago
MW3 needs dust on the maps ya know? show glowing embers floating around, have sparks from blown up cars on the ground and air.
oh also have a nuke drop but still playing imagine that screen all red dust all over the place embers in every spot on the map and in the back round a huge mushroom cloud the expanding.
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Gamer_Z  +   1565d ago
BF3 and MW3 are going to be two different games. BF3 is going for hyper realism with larger maps and tactical team based gameplay. MW3 is well going to be more of the same small maps with fast twitchy free-for-all gameplay. It's really going to come down to what kind of style of play do you prefer fast and twitchy or tactical team based, I prefer tactical. Also I have played COD since COD4 and I can tell you all CODs are pretty much the same game that's why I'm going for BF3 this time around but if I do have the money and if I can get it used I will pick up MW3.
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earbus  +   1564d ago
Lol biggest selling game this year confirmed.
Alacrist  +   1564d ago
I have bought every single COD since MW, and they are same game with a few upgrades kinda like the Madden Franchise, anybody who says different is lying to themselves. With that said i do think BF3 will be better than MW3 but when it come to sales i think MW3 will still sell more it's almost like a cult. People don't want the better product they want what they know.

Off Topic: i had a guy tell me he like MW2 better than BF2 cause COD was more realistic, this shows how some of the COD players think...

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