Five Things We Need To See in SoulCalibur V

TGH writes: SoulCalibur 5 was announced earlier this week along with a new trailer. It looks like fans of the series have plenty of reason to get excited (despite the disappointment that was SC4) with what we assume will be improved visuals, new modes, new characters, and a continuation of the series long running storyline. However, there are a few things that we feel absolutely must be included for this one to be a success.

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Rah5er02569d ago

Soul Calibur has been my favorite fighter since the original Playstation, so seeing new character iterations was cool (at first), but like you, I'm in agreement that this time around the fighters should only come from the SC universe. The authenticity of the game just feels better without Yoda and Vader flailing around with their light sabers..I could maybe see Kratos; but maybe not..either way I can't wait to play!

BeastlyRig2569d ago

more boobs & innovation!

newn4gguy2569d ago

Mortal Kombat gave us a story that we could actually get into!

That would be nice!

Also...there are characters that fit into Soul Yoshimitsu from Tekken. He's a big Soul Caliber guy. Lol.

I think other characters fit, so why rule them out? Just focus on the main characters! Actually, give us a brawl mode too! Make Super Smash Bros. cry while you're at it!

Seriously...why limit the game? Adventure! Fighter! Brawler! RPG?

Focker4202569d ago


And the term yoshimitsu basically means a japanese warrior. Its not like its the same character in both games.

Sprud2568d ago

How hard can it be to write Soul Calibur correctly? I see people writing "Caliber" all the time.

newn4gguy2568d ago

Whoops. Autocorrect must have screwed me over on that one. I post from my iPhone. ^_^

Sprud2568d ago

Is "Kombat" in your dictionary?

lpfisher2567d ago

lol....lay off the poor guy. :P

sasuke992569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )


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The story is too old to be commented.