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Submitted by Pacman321 1735d ago | opinion piece

Kotaku: The PlayStation Network Returns; Normalcy Won’t

Across North America yesterday evening, PlayStation Network returned after a 23-day total blackout. In a process spanning about seven hours, the PlayStation 3's online capabilities gradually returned state-by-state, beginning in New York and ending in Texas. As gamers rushed to message boards to verify the good news in their precincts, the news had the feel of an election night, one whose results were cheered and celebrated by all. (PS3)

Infernostew  +   1735d ago
wouldn't expect anything less from kotaku. such haters
movements   1735d ago | Spam
Anon1974   1735d ago | Trolling | show
Seraphemz  +   1735d ago
Why did "this get flagged?
starcb26  +   1735d ago
You can't speak of the truth on this site.

back on topic: Kotaku needs to chill out with the bs.
rockleex   1734d ago | Trolling | show
showtimefolks  +   1735d ago
well we could carless
i think its a competition between ign and kotaku on who can write more hate articles about sony

i am guessing it wasn't eay to rebuild all the servers from ground zero and make huge changes





and if for any reason you can't seem to agree with that than you are a blind folded fanboy nothing less nothing more

peace out games for life against fanboys for life


ign and kotaku get a life
Sevir04  +   1735d ago
you guys didnt even read the article!

It was a very good read! here's a line from what was one of there best written non fanboy articles to date! 2 excepts

"Sony endured more than just the worst three weeks in PlayStation's history. It faced withering criticism from the press, government officials and, of course, its own customers as it labored to restore a global online service counting some 77 million users. Assuredly this will all become a case study in areas of corporate crisis management and network security. For now, Sony deserves our gratitude and a note of congratulations. It's Sunday; let the quarterbacking resume tomorrow."

"Yet let's hope the last major headline has not been written. That should concern the arrest of the criminals whose attack brought down PlayStation Network. May they face formidable and painful consequences."

these are the high points of a positive article!
FOXDIE  +   1735d ago
agreed, those *** **** will never quite!
thebudgetgamer  +   1735d ago
i just hope sony uses this as a lesson learned, and act a bit more pro-actively in the future.
saoco  +   1735d ago
they did. this isnt something that can be solved in 1 or 2 days. now i do agree that they should have better security. but the truth is that anyone can be hacked even the government.
thebudgetgamer  +   1735d ago
i understand that and i am pleased they fixed it.
Istanbull  +   1735d ago
You cannot blame Sony, they did everything they can to make the network running. Ignored for unjustified criticizing Sony.
dkgshiz  +   1735d ago
Oh...its this shit site. I still remember that GT5 slow down video. So you can just shut your website down already.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1735d ago
Lol, I remember that too. The journalism of these days are getting worse with crappy authors.

There are only few popular sites you can trust from the American journalism.
Troublesome626  +   1735d ago
KOTAKU Writes Sony hate article, No i don't believe it.
SpaceFox   1735d ago | Bad language | show
GalacticMuffin   1735d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
ImpliedDeception   1735d ago | Personal attack | show
Bathyj  +   1735d ago
I know it wont be anything good, but I'm still curious as to what they have to say.

How can I read it without giving them the hit?
rob6021  +   1735d ago
I'm not sure if this works at denying them a hit; but it should. You can use Yahoo and sometimes Google to view a cached copy of the page - that way you wouldn't be giving them a hit. Just search the title and Kotaku then in the search results after the url there usually is a 'cached' version.

For instance I was able to find this article by doing that, Google didn't give me a cached version, but Yahoo did.
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Star51  +   1735d ago
*hovers cursor over Kotaku link*
You know what, i dont have to...kotaku ALWAYS has elegant and optimistic things to say about sony.

End Sarcasm
Bathyj  +   1735d ago | Well said
Well, it wasnt too bad in the end.

But one point I'd like to bring up.

"Sony endured more than just the worst three weeks in PlayStation's history. It faced withering criticism from the press, government officials and, of course, its own customers"

Over the last 3 weeks, I've been sick of websites telling me how upset I was. Telling me I was angry and jumping ship. Telling me I would never trust Sony again.

I mean seriously, you guys are a joke. The anti Sony mud ran thick the last month. It was hard to walk through.

Yet I'm supposed to believe that while everyone forgives M$ for RRoD which took 3 to 4 years to fix and was caused by that companies own ineptitude, we're all supposed to abandon Playstation because a free service is out for 3 weeks, that was caused by a malicious attack from other parties? Thats like blaming someone for getting mugged.

Anyway, I hope everythings back to normal soon. It didnt bother me non as a single player gamer but I hope you others were able to keep busy.
blackburn10  +   1735d ago
Thank you. 3 weeks compared to 4 years of broken consoles. 3 weeks caused by irresponsible, uncaring, idiotic hackers compared to 4 years caused by the company itself.3 weeks ending with free stuff, fraud prevention,an apology and a month of PSN Plus compared to 4 years of inconvenience and broken consoles with barely as much as an apology. And all of this was forgiven and swept under the rug by the industry. So why not Sony's mistake?
BubbleSniper  +   1735d ago
this is the ultimate wellsaid.
news4geeks  +   1735d ago
I would blame someone for getting mugged if they brought it on themselves; for example if they went strutting around all cocky with the entrusted money of others hanging out of all their pockets at the same time provoking the very people most likely to mug you. Sony did. But I forgive them only because they provide the best games and I'd never pay for online.
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Sevir04  +   1735d ago
ofcourse you would! lol!
blackburn10  +   1735d ago
So you still believe that Sony brought this upon themselves by standing up to hackers huh? Well I will always remember them for it. The company that told them no and stuck to their guns. You have to stand up to bullies no matter what or be a door mat forever. I never let people push me around.

This BS that everyone keeps saying about Sony shouldn't have opposed the hackers is garbage.Why should Sony be the one to make peace? Why didn't they make peace? Sony is a company with millions of customers, employees and countless share holders as opposed to a few jack@$$es fighting for a cause no one asked them to fight, spitting out unreasonable demands and pretending that they are so noble and trustworthy. Hmmmm!!!!! Stand by the millions of hard workers or a few people who have no idea of the consequences or responsibility of the things they do. Tough choice
radphil   1735d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
aaabbbccc4324  +   1735d ago
im in new zealand and still cant sign in
HeavenlySnipes  +   1735d ago
Its back now
at least in Canada. Was down for an hour.
Inception  +   1735d ago
joketaku strikes again -_-
rob6021  +   1735d ago
I'm impressed at the number of 'off topic' hidden comments here. I fear we have a Kotaku sympathizer as a mod at N4G abusing his/her power.
Let the truth play out, let us hold these places accountable for journalistic integrity - that's how it's supposed to work. Silencing us is not a good practice, their posts make sense to me about how that relates to this story.

I know this post will probably be removed in the same fashion.
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Aussiegamer  +   1735d ago
How is it that a website like Kotaku gets all their bs articles approved. I mean Kotaku Fail so much and yet everything gets approved from them.

And other well written pieces get disapproved, WTF is going on?
Strange_Evil  +   1735d ago
Not giving them hits... It's Kokatu dammin of course it's all Doom and Gloom for Sony!!! These are the same guys who ratted out Home even when Sony asked them not to, went against Sony on numerous occasions with their doom articles (including this one) and worst of all tried to sabotage Sony games like GT5 by actually slowing down video to show it has more loading time than Forza 3, I mean how low could you go?

Bloody losers...
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killajd  +   1735d ago
Do we all not remember that sony was the last console to fall to hackers! Im talking about cracking all having back doors and stuff. Sony was the last to fall meaning they had the best security!!! Why in the world are there some people saying sonys security was bad when in truth it wasnt. SONY WAS A TARGET and got hit hard by hackers and now sony is going to be stronger then ever
killajd  +   1735d ago
Who here can tell me hacking is easy??? Anyone??? For someone to tell me nowadays hacking is easy is just crazy! I for 1 no its not. Im a tech head
blackburn10  +   1735d ago
Yeah, everyone is so sure that Sony's security was hacked so easily.Hacking Sony was a breeze. Yeah that is why they had to sneak in through Amazon, plant a program on their servers on a day when less people were there and then sneak back out covering their tracks.

Every idiot makes it sound like the data was on a table and Sony had a big sign saying 'Hackers free data, right here'. Suddenly everyone on the net has inside knowledge on the level of Sony's security, how easy it was to sneak in and and what level of hacking it entailed and what flaw they were talking about in their security. Idiots.
earbus  +   1735d ago
I love this site and vga find them ultra informative thanks kotaku keep up the quality stories.
GodHandDee  +   1735d ago
Can you imagine if IGN joined with Kotaku instead with 1UP? LOL Haters marriage made in heaven I say
Crossifixxo  +   1734d ago
Who actutally goes to Kotaku's website for anything?
With a name like that alone I wouldn't go anywhere within a 100 mile radius.

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