Worried about Eye of Judgement cards in the UK?

The Wizards of the Coast website lists a less-than-inspiring distribution network for their products outside of the US, so what chance is there that UK gamers will have problems getting hold of the cards for The Eye of Judgement?

PS3 Attitude gets the final word on where you can build your pack from the UK's most popular video game retailer and reveals how much the cards will cost to buy in the UK.

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mighty_douche3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

the joys of region free gaming! cheers sony!

@DolphGB dude im sure that'll you'll be able to get the cards online on hundreds of different site, this is making news out of nothing.

DolphGB3778d ago

...fix the issue of where you get the cards.

Importing would just get you the game - you've still got to find stockists for the cards.

Almighty3778d ago

I think nobody cares about this "game".

Sam Fisher3778d ago

i agree with u whether ur a ps3 fan or hater nobody cares at all

DolphGB3778d ago

After all, not only is it in the Top 10 most anticipated at Gamespot etc. but since it comes with the PS Eye it's going to be more popular than you would think.

EyeCreate, Trials of Topoq etc. all follow within a week on the PS Store to further expand the Eye's software. I would bet on The Eye of Judgement doing quite well...

diatom3778d ago

Didn't see them on the Game website, and I didn't want to import them. Glad they will have them!

Rama262853778d ago

Has anyone seen a good review for this game yet?

I'm just glad they're selling the camera separately!

Adamalicious3778d ago

I'm not into card battle games in video or table form, but if I was I think I'd be hardcore geeking-out about this game.