LA Noire vs 1940’s Los Angeles: Screenshot Comparison

LA Noire is a detective game that is based in the 1940’s. Rockstar and Team Bondi have done an awesome job of recreating the look and feel of those times. But how does the game match up with the Los Angeles of 1940's?

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fluffydelusions2566d ago

Weird comparison. Should have compared actual locations lol

DarkCharizard_2566d ago

The police officer has a very strong resemblance to the real one.

Bubble up if you agree!

Stevo912566d ago

Lol you want bubbles because the police officers look similar gtfo

Pixel_Enemy2566d ago

Asking for bubbles is never cool. Also I cant wait for this damn game!!

news4geeks2566d ago

Sony is so awesome.

Bubble me up if you agree!

blitz06232566d ago

Honestly, the shots from the 1940's LA used there can be compared to any game that has a similar area. Like any GTA, Prototype, InFAMOUS, etc

bruddahmanmatt2566d ago

You know, it's really annoying when websites put up s*** pieces like this just for hits. They even made sure to ask you to click the next button. Lame.

inveni02565d ago

I think the game will be better than the site that wrote this article.

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BiggCMan2566d ago

I agree, only the first one made a little sense. The rest were pointless. I imagine its hard though to compare real with game since you can't take pictures of 1940's L.A anymore. They have to find pictures that match screenshots which i'm sure is difficult. Hurray for PSN!!!

gameseveryday2566d ago

As the article states:

Note: This comparison is not a head to head one like some of our previous ones were. This comparison is more geared towards appreciating Team Bondi’s work of recreating the LA of 1940′s.

newhumanbreed2566d ago

Wow look at that blue sky. Go to L.A. today and you won't see such a clear sky lol.

Kakihara2566d ago

This is a weeeird article. Comparisons between the game, a picture of two women inside a car, a picture of an old car and a policeman.

YodaCracker2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

What a terrible comparison. And only four shots too... It's like they thought, "Hey, I have a good idea. Let's take screenshots of L.A. Noire and find photos of actual 1947 L.A. to match them!" Then four miserable attempts later they gave up, but still posted the article.

Check out IGN's comparison shots of L.A. landmarks in the game. Their article is MUCH better:

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The story is too old to be commented.