Sony Attack Shows Amazon’s Cloud Service Lures Hackers at Pennies an Hour

For as low as three pennies an hour, hackers can rent Inc. (AMZN)’s servers to wage cyber attacks such as the one that crippled Sony Corp. (6758)’s PlayStation Network and led to the second-largest online data breach in U.S. history

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DelbertGrady2353d ago

Also, anyone can upload animal porn on Youtube. It will eventually be removed, just like the hackers account was removed on Amazon. But let's still blame Youtube and Amazon for providing services that can be abused.

Uncharted3Goty2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

the thing is that amazon should do something about it before these happens again to Sony or to any company if it only cost penny an hour then these is bigger then we think it is. Also these wasnt a small one these was the second largest online data breach in US history

coryok2353d ago

the difference is that you cant effectively use youtube to steal from people. amazon's servers can be used to steal from people, it does real, permanent damage and amazon should have had the foresight to make sure that the people paying for the servers is a real person. because amazon has shown that companies are unwilling (or unable) to regulate themselves government will be forced to put harsh regulations into place to protect the consumers, its bad for everyone.

the analogy is bs, animal porn doesnt cause any real, meaningful problems for people, having your identity stolen is a real and meaningful problem

gamingdroid2353d ago

I use Amazon EC2 and they do several things to prevent you from unauthorized accounts, such as phone verification and credit card requirement.

It's almost impossible to prevent this, simply because the whole idea of the "cloud" is fast access to massive amount of computing power.

Christopher2353d ago

Cloud services are the future for cyberwarfare. Has been known for a while now and government agencies are working with people who provide cloud services to improve their ability to track those who use them in this way.

newhumanbreed2353d ago

Lol this is like renting a car to rob a bank.

Uncharted3Goty2353d ago

LOL that is one of the best way to Explain it