Sony’s Next PSN Challenge: Restoring Reputation

After weeks of downtime, governmental scrutiny and untold user fury, Sony has finally begun to restore PlayStation Network and Qriocity streaming media services. It’s not been an easy journey, either: it wasn’t just server failure that took the PSN offline, but a security breach that saw millions of consumer records snatched out from under Sony’s nose. With only the slightest publicly-released information to go on, systems experts have looked on in horror as Sony took a forced deep-dive through server strata, uncovering the flaws – in its data centers and its ego – that allowed the hack to take place. Still, Sony may find that restoring the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services were the easy part – rebuilding its ailing reputation may be far trickier.

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extermin8or2498d ago

personally I think they should just get it restored in europe etc 1st....

tehpees32498d ago

I think people are really exaggerating this. these PSN articles need to die

Pixel_Enemy2498d ago

Sony will restore their reputation with the games they announce at E3. Then this crap will end.

oli2498d ago

leave it to the media and impatient people to give things a bad reputation , even if its "free"

Dee_912498d ago

this is true for the people who thought all those rumors were facts
its really sad how the media blew this way out of proportion
So I dont know how but for the misguided PSN has to restore their reputation

Fil1012498d ago

yeah come the feck on sony i've missed my online gamin for 3 weeks now and it makes it even worse knowing that the u.s is already live.

r1sh122498d ago

I think the best way they can restore confidence is to provide ID theft insurance in every company they operate in.
So far only the US - thats hardly fair for the rest of the world.
They are extremely lucky they havent been hit with fines, but all I want is that ID theft insurance and Im a happy customer

DlocDaBudSmoka2498d ago

ID theft protection is available to all supporting countries. its not just a US thing. go watch the Kaz video again from yesterday.

LOGICWINS2498d ago

Ummm...once I get the free stuff they promised, my confidence with them will be restored. There probably gunna announce the free shit at E3 to impress the media.

Falaut2498d ago

wow, just wow. You write some decent stuff...but then something like that. wow!

pain777pas2498d ago

I would love for Gamespot, IGN, Gametrailers to get hacked so that they can learn how horrible this sort of things is for themselves. We all can criticize while were in our holier than though bubbles but once a crisis starts they look for sympathy. We all should learn from what happens in the world with stray bullets, terrorist attacks and natural disastres. Calamities can hit anyone at anytime. We do not have as much control as we believe we have. Do your best and usually what goes around comes around so be careful of what you say and do cause in the end a crisis might hit you.

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kyl2772498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

On this site the event only made their reputation better as they love their customers so much...


Seriously though, it was a major screw-up, a multi billion dollar company shouldn't have been hacked by a few individuals so easily. These security features they added should have been there from the start rather than hastily added afterwards.

THC CELL2498d ago

rep was restored in under 12 hours. psn is the most wanted network online fact

DelbertGrady2498d ago

You know that someone's full of sh*t when they add "fact" at the end of their statements.

jack_burt0n2498d ago

its like the elders of n4g lol soda popinsky still full of it after all these years

LOGICWINS2498d ago

"You know that someone's full of sh*t when they add "fact" at the end of their statements."


iNFAMOUZ12498d ago

no that would be xbox live THC CELL ;)

sam22362498d ago


Provide details, please. Oh wait, you can't!

2498d ago
ALFAxD_CENTAURO2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Is not the most wanted, but, regularly PSN have more people connected than Xbox Live in US, there is an article about that in N4G.

InLaLaLand2498d ago

Surely some people from different regions have a US account. I have one.

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metsgaming2498d ago

hahaha i knew Loner would try and find any article that states, "too little to late" type of troll article. So predictable.

ares21al2498d ago

They will accomplish this task mostly due to the fact their fans are extremely loyal. good article

Ju2498d ago

I don't care about the rep. For me its back. And whoa...I couldn't play Socom4 before live, but now, wow, who ever gives that game a 7 is a moron. There, reputation restored. All it needs is to get back to its old glory, and that it sure is.

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