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Sony’s Next PSN Challenge: Restoring Reputation

After weeks of downtime, governmental scrutiny and untold user fury, Sony has finally begun to restore PlayStation Network and Qriocity streaming media services. It’s not been an easy journey, either: it wasn’t just server failure that took the PSN offline, but a security breach that saw millions of consumer records snatched out from under Sony’s nose. With only the slightest publicly-released information to go on, systems experts have looked on in horror as Sony took a forced deep-dive through server strata, uncovering the flaws – in its data centers and its ego – that allowed the hack to take place. Still, Sony may find that restoring the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services were the easy part – rebuilding its ailing reputation may be far trickier. (PS3, Sony, Tag Invalid)

extermin8or  +   1608d ago
personally I think they should just get it restored in europe etc 1st....
tehpees3  +   1608d ago
I think people are really exaggerating this. these PSN articles need to die
Pixel_Enemy  +   1608d ago
Sony will restore their reputation with the games they announce at E3. Then this crap will end.
oli  +   1608d ago
leave it to the media and impatient people to give things a bad reputation , even if its "free"
Dee_91  +   1607d ago
this is true for the people who thought all those rumors were facts
its really sad how the media blew this way out of proportion
So I dont know how but for the misguided PSN has to restore their reputation
Fil101  +   1608d ago
yeah come the feck on sony i've missed my online gamin for 3 weeks now and it makes it even worse knowing that the u.s is already live.
r1sh12  +   1608d ago
I think the best way they can restore confidence is to provide ID theft insurance in every company they operate in.
So far only the US - thats hardly fair for the rest of the world.
They are extremely lucky they havent been hit with fines, but all I want is that ID theft insurance and Im a happy customer
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   1608d ago
ID theft protection is available to all supporting countries. its not just a US thing. go watch the Kaz video again from yesterday.
LOGICWINS  +   1608d ago
Ummm...once I get the free stuff they promised, my confidence with them will be restored. There probably gunna announce the free shit at E3 to impress the media.
Falaut  +   1608d ago
wow, just wow. You write some decent stuff...but then something like that. wow!
pain777pas  +   1608d ago
I would love for Gamespot, IGN, Gametrailers to get hacked so that they can learn how horrible this sort of things is for themselves. We all can criticize while were in our holier than though bubbles but once a crisis starts they look for sympathy. We all should learn from what happens in the world with stray bullets, terrorist attacks and natural disastres. Calamities can hit anyone at anytime. We do not have as much control as we believe we have. Do your best and usually what goes around comes around so be careful of what you say and do cause in the end a crisis might hit you.
kyl277  +   1608d ago
On this site the event only made their reputation better as they love their customers so much...


Seriously though, it was a major screw-up, a multi billion dollar company shouldn't have been hacked by a few individuals so easily. These security features they added should have been there from the start rather than hastily added afterwards.
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THC CELL  +   1608d ago
rep was restored in under 12 hours. psn is the most wanted network online fact
DelbertGrady  +   1608d ago
You know that someone's full of sh*t when they add "fact" at the end of their statements.
jack_burt0n  +   1608d ago
its like the elders of n4g lol soda popinsky still full of it after all these years
LOGICWINS  +   1608d ago
"You know that someone's full of sh*t when they add "fact" at the end of their statements."

iNFAMOUZ1  +   1608d ago
no that would be xbox live THC CELL ;)
sam2236  +   1608d ago

Provide details, please. Oh wait, you can't!
Ocelot_X_   1608d ago | Spam
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1608d ago
Is not the most wanted, but, regularly PSN have more people connected than Xbox Live in US, there is an article about that in N4G.
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InLaLaLand  +   1608d ago
Surely some people from different regions have a US account. I have one.
metsgaming  +   1608d ago
hahaha i knew Loner would try and find any article that states, "too little to late" type of troll article. So predictable.
ares21al  +   1608d ago
They will accomplish this task mostly due to the fact their fans are extremely loyal. good article
Ju  +   1608d ago
I don't care about the rep. For me its back. And whoa...I couldn't play Socom4 before live, but now, wow, who ever gives that game a 7 is a moron. There, reputation restored. All it needs is to get back to its old glory, and that it sure is.
Quagland  +   1608d ago
Give it a few months, no one will care or remember. This is the same company that installed spyware on people's PCs, released laptops with exploding batteries and released Lair. And no one cares about any of that anymore. They'll be fine.
SuperKing  +   1608d ago
I'm sure there will still be a vocal minority preaching this everytime PSN is mentioned. But I guess most of these people will just consist of X360 fanboys.
iamnsuperman  +   1608d ago
"This is seen as a betrayal, an unforgivable arrogance in how Sony treated its subscribers’ data". Not really. I still trust Sony with my data and its has got nothing to do with being a "fanboy" before anyone starts. I know like any other company that my data is kept secure to industry standards. These industry standards will no doubt have to increase. There is no evidence that another other gaming network keeps the information more secure. The only good that has to come out of this is it is a wake up call for all companies in the industry. The industry standard needs to improve
Ocelot_X_   1608d ago | Spam
ThePsychoGamer  +   1608d ago
A lot of damage came from hungry for hits sites posting lies and rumors about the incedent as though they where confirmed facts, this incdent has done more damage to my trust in the integrity of news outlets like Edge, Cnet, and many more then to my trust in sony.
Mr-Dude  +   1608d ago
Agreed, those so called journalists who blamed son 4 everyhthing, they need to build up their reputation

Its sad that a big company like Sony was pulled down by the media. I wonder if the same thing will happen if Xbox Live is next..

PS: I dont hope so, because my little brother has a xbox and o my god...I would go mad from him every time i visit my parents
blackburn10  +   1608d ago
I am not sure what they are talking about. I still blame the hackers and the 'journalists' who lied and exaggerated every chance they got in the face of facts. This is their fault no matter how you try to twist and turn it. Sony's 'arrogance' ,as haters always put it, has nothing to do with it. Was the recent data theft in Eidos refered to as carelessness or because of arrogance? Nope. Another poorly written and/or pointless article submitted by Loner. Must be his hobby or something.
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finnhima  +   1608d ago
halleloo. I agree wholeheartedly. Though sony could have handled this with its users a bit more closely, there was no way it was as heinous as the flood of fearmongering, exaggerating, hysteria seeking, flamebaiting articles from so called "journalists" who nosedived into this fiasco and blew it completely out of proportion. Even today, as psn is restored, journalists are still attempting to twist it into a negative.

Just another idiotic article by loner for sure.
spunnups  +   1608d ago
I got to level up my char on Borderlands offline the entire time PSN was down. I didn't even notice. Get over it people and play a single player game for once.
Scyrus  +   1608d ago
sony doesnt need to do much, people r just happy its online again. aslong as it doesnt happen again people will be fine, not like anyone got their info actually stolen or anything, and even if it is, everyone is covered up to 1 million$
TrevorPhillips  +   1608d ago
I just want to go back on PSN lol
HINDERIZATION  +   1608d ago
i wont bother reading the article, but i feel sorry for all those people who returned their PS3's only to be clotheslined because the PSN just came back up earlier today lol. i was patient and now im getting free stuff from the PSN after the store comes back online :D
Bell Boy  +   1608d ago
Why feel sorry for them, if they want to be muppets with their cash so be it...

A whole 3 weeks without online play...lol they should seriously consider taking a much longer break from any gaming if they have been affected that badly..
HINDERIZATION  +   1608d ago
they're just missing out :P
despair  +   1608d ago
I'd actually settle for actually getting online, I mean they still haven't gotten the Caribbean up yet, and South America either if I'm not mistaken. Its actually more annoying when everyone else is up and there is no word on if or when we get back online.

I mean seriously a 2 line update would be better than being ignored. The US got a fucking map showing update, I just want a couple lines.
despair  +   1608d ago
hmm...looks like I spoke too soon, I'm back up.
Reborn  +   1608d ago
PSN works for London now. (Not sure if its for all UK)

On-topic: Yeah, I wouldn't even of thought of returning my PS3. Not a chance.
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TheOneYouHate  +   1608d ago
Its seems odd that articles like these are written. As far as I know there are other companies that have been hacked in many ways, (Consoles, PCs, Software....ect.) yet those problems have not been fixed at ALL! Yet SONY has been able to protect the consumers and solve the issue. SONY is a company that actualy does something to make things right. While others ignore their issues for years. So my question is, Where do their reputations stand? ..... Write an article about that.
TukkerIntensity  +   1608d ago
Fired up the PS3 played 32 player, zero lag, dedicated server SOCOM 4 all morning. Reputation is back in place after playing laggy 360 games for the last couple of weeks (Gears 3 when not dedicated, Brink). SOCOM is so nice and sweet.
xtremegamerage  +   1608d ago
Yeah just updated to 3.61.:)
Seraphemz  +   1608d ago
What a stupid article.... Sony were the victims of a cyber attack....and this dumb ass article makes them seem like they just gave our info to everyone.
Sony...please catch the hackers and have them caned! One for each day psn was out,add the author of this article too just for being an idiot.
jrisner  +   1608d ago
It's Loner what do you expect? He frantically beats off at the keyboard anytime there is an article putting down Sony.
General_Zod  +   1608d ago
and no one has dealt with loner yet? I am very displeased with you N4G users but I'm in a good mood today so I'll take care of your problem. Loner, since you like to "beat off of your keyboard" I'll let the keyboard beat off of you when I smack you upside the head with it! Then, you will kneel before zod!
Nathaniel_Drake  +   1608d ago
Well you do that with games, so UC3 and Starhawk anybody? Rep back up heheheh
Lucreto  +   1608d ago
The network is back up in Ireland so reputation restored.
Bell Boy  +   1608d ago
I can/t wait until the store is live so I can purchase something with my c/card again...

Sony helped it's rep imo by not pushing the problem under the carpet and taking their time to correct the situation even though it seemed as if the entire internet were screaming for an instant fix...

They probably have 1 of the most secure networks of any major business right now but even so I am also aware that these type of hacks can happen to any online network no matter how safe it is believed to be..

The most ludicrous thing lately even on this thread is watching the armchair experts tell everyone how easily Sony were hacked....
diehardgamer1000  +   1608d ago
lol really? they are still milking this story.the damn thing is back up and is still in the process for other regions...thts wat pple wanted,theyv got it..reputation restored. and wat da fuck is up with this loner guy,why does he hate SONY so much?

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