Did playstation network outrage turn opinion against anonymous

What’s emerging, however, is the turning of public opinion against Anonymous.

Before the Playstation episode, the public viewed Anonymous with a reserved curiosity, awe, and support.

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jizzyjones2594d ago

Well it turned anonymous against anonymous so id imagine so ye.

Uncharted3Goty2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

yeah i rememeber i was the one who posted it on N4G and for no reason it became failed because People said it had nothing to do with Gaming which i found Completedly Wrong it had to do with gaming.

ares21al2593d ago

there seems to be alot of ppl out there that attack up and coming websites and attempt to fail their articles on here soley for the purpose of spite.

RedDragan2593d ago

As the old saying goes, choose your enemies.

Anon didn't. And so people have turned against them.

SixTwoTwo2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )


A lot of these "up and coming" websites get attacked because the majority of them produce garbage that nobody wants to read. Not to mention their lack of professionalism and their tendency towards producing flamebait articles designed at luring in fanboys for hits. If you do not know how to properly spell or punctuate then you should just stop pretending to be a "video games journalist."

sikbeta2593d ago


Yep! this is the article:

Most of people turn their opinion against anon, even more now after the "group" attacked Eidos for no reason:

NatureOfLogic2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Nope, I still have the same opinion. This was a lesson for sony, I'm pretty sure sony will think twice before trying to go after hackers again.

Speakindatruth2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

That's great KingElixir. You're like the old pedophile in the neighborhood everyone hates and wants to murder for the sake of their children. Let me reword your sentence for the sake of all us troll-haters at N4G. "I had sex with that child, I'm pretty sure those girl scouts will think twice before coming to my door to sell cookies in their own neighborhood!" It's the same thing as piracy: "I pirated that game because they put on DRM that takes me 1 minute to fill out, I'm pretty sure those companies won't think of putting DRM on my game to protect their franchise from pirates!"
Fail/troll is what it is. Hypocritical bullshit.

Sarcasm2593d ago

The problem with turning against "anonymous" is that "anonymous" is a bunch of random people who claim to be "anonymous." So while some of them might claim to really not be involved, the others who ARE involved are probably just laughing because they don't care.

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RedDead2593d ago

Can someone tell me what the difference between hacking/modding a ps3 and hacking/modding/upgrading a Pc?

Colmshan19902593d ago

You're allowed to mod or upgrade a PC.
Not hacking it, in the actual sense of the word 'hack.'

You signed up to a user agreement, and, simply put, you gave your word to obey the rules of your console's manufacturer, whether it be Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo or Sega...
When you violate them, you have in effect broken your word, unless you have also broken the law at the same time, as sadly these user agreements are not legally binding, strictly speaking.

And, when you hack not the PS3, but the PSN...
You are not only risking your console's ability to function properly, but every console's ability.

RedDragan2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

It's not quite that simple Red Dead.

For some really stupid reason there are two forms of hacking which share the same name.

One is to modify a device via hardware software to make it perform in way that were never intended by the manufacturer. For instance you could add a microchip that would make the device more powerful or would circumvent security measures on that device so pirated games can be played on a console.

The other form of hacking is to remotely break into a system and access it's database structure via the uses of a network, such as the internet. For instance, some kid in his mother's basement manages to connect to a server across the world and download everyone's personal information onto his PC and then attempt to blackmail that company which backfires and splits a notorious group who errornously thought they were untracable.

YourFlyness2593d ago

Well for one, when you are hacking/modding/upgrading your PC, you are not breaking into the kernel of the Windows OS(which you do not own, you only have a license to use it) to manipulate it

Oner2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Colmshan1990 & RedDragan explain it well, but I would like to add my take on it ~

You buy/own the hardware but lease/use the software. Example - Certain types of people like to compare the PS3 to a George Foreman Grill (as an immature Jab/Slight) so I will use that to describe what I mean.

When you buy a George Foreman Grill it is a piece of hardware and that is no different than a PS3. The difference between the 2 is Software. The George Foreman Grill does not have Software. The PS3 does. And you agree to the terms of using the software in addition to owning the hardware. Something the George Foreman Grill does not have.

You don't own the software as it is the company's Intellectual Property that you are allowed to use, that is if you agree to use it the way they offer it (of which you agree to abide by).

Now you can HACK a PS3 to your hearts content but you don't get the "right" to use their services as well (PSN, PS Store etc). You can MOD a PS3 (say to add more fans to keep it cooler) and all that will do is violate the warranty but you would still be able to use the service as you are not modifying IT in anyway. Thus you are still complaint.

There are more points to the discussion but with the comments provided so far I think any reasonable, educated & mature person would get the gist of the meaning/answer.

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gypsygib2594d ago

I definitely don't like them.

iamnsuperman2594d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Attacking a brand which people liked does turn people. The problem is everyone forgets after a while about the attacks/activities they do/involved in
2 Activities
2.1 Habbo raids
2.2 Hal Turner raid
2.3 Chris Forcand arrest
2.4 Project Chanology
2.5 Epilepsy Foundation forum invasion
2.6 Defacement of SOHH and AllHipHop websites
2.7 No Cussing Club
2.8 YouTube porn day
2.9 2009 Iranian election protests
2.10 Operation Didgeridie
2.11 Operation Titstorm
2.12 Operations Payback, Avenge Assange, and Bradical
2.13 Operation Leakspin
2.14 Zimbabwe
2.15 Operation Tunisia
2.16 Attack on Fine Gael website
2.17 Operation Egypt
2.18 Attack on HBGary Federal
2.19 Purported threat against the Westboro Baptist Church
2.20 2011 Wisconsin protests
2.21 2011 Bank of America document release
2.22 Operation Sony
(from Wikipedia).
This recent breach may not be anonymous and of course they are trying to say they have no involvement because of PR damage but it is too late. But wait a couple of months and everyone would have forgotten until they attack another high profile target

Uncharted3Goty2593d ago

i am sure these is not the last time we will hear anonymous attacking a Gaming Company.

MasterCornholio2593d ago

I am predicting that XBOXlive will be next. And they will do that to show off that they can attack any gaming network including a closed one.

starvinbull2593d ago

I greatly doubt they'd attack M$.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2593d ago ShowReplies(1)
iamnsuperman2593d ago

"Many started with footage of children's videos before groups of adults performing graphic sex acts appeared on screen." They targeted children as well as Youtube

Colmshan19902593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Some of those attacks are truly disgusting.
I hope the FBI manages to catch some of those Ops leaders, because they deserve prison time.
The Epilepsy Foundation attack organisers barely deserve a trial.

Blackdeath_6632593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

many of these attacks are on a political level and may cause political unrest and various problems on an international level, i was unaware of these until now. they need to be stopped in the interest of the American people, the gamers, all big companies and the safety of anyone in the internet. especially when it come to things like Iranian election protests , causing a commotion would most definitely spark a war.

it seems like the psn outrage did not hurt Sony at all but instead backfired at anon and worsened their image.

supremacy2593d ago

And dare i speech anyone?

Afterall its not like these guys lie... oh wait.

MmaFan-Qc2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

you forgot to post:
-posting pedophile shit on 4chan
-harrassing underage girls online

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R8342594d ago

Never understood how they were fighting 'for the gamers'.

Attacking a service that millions of gamers use doesn't help anything.

Istanbull2593d ago

They put their penis in the bee hive. First it was only the PS3 fanboys who were against them, now everybody is against these 14 year old middle class nerds.

They lost this battle, probably this action forever damaged their image, f*ck anonymous nerds

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