Is the end in sight for PS2?

Analyst says US September sales show that the end is nearing for record-breaking Sony console

Jeetil Patel, analyst for Deutsche Bank, has claimed that the most successful console the world has ever seen, the PS2, could be finally approaching the end of its days following the publication of NPD's September sales figures for the US.

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Relientk774068d ago

"the most successful console the world has ever seen"

amazing ...


Poisen4068d ago

the most successful console ever made. I loved it because it gave me so much enjoyment. I think it is time for the Ps2 to bow down a hero and make room for other consoles. Thank you Ps2 for being such a great console. May you R.I.P

ArduousAndy4068d ago

that its the most successful until 10 years from now. If people still speak fondly about the console much like the NES and the sega genesis not to mention the atari

eagle214068d ago

in europe week of oct. 14, ps2 is aka lil 2pac, it can't die...

lynx1halo4068d ago


Sam Fisher4068d ago

dont put 300 with sony.... M$ bought that too...

kurochi4068d ago

To SamFisher:

Yeah, the operative word in your statement above is "BOUGHT"....

WilliamRLBaker4068d ago

lol your just the 5 billionth person to use that line what a crap movie.

lynx1halo4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

its not a crap movie when seen in glorious HD on blu-Ray....but you probably have yet to experience it as your still saving up for the add on HDVD drive that DOES NOT COME STANDARD LOL ...mabey you can save up your little achievement points like monopoly money from live and ask your mom for one on Christmas

MonkeyMaan4068d ago

Spartan's invented man on man butt love. There is no mention of that in the movie. Also, they LOVED little boys. Sick bastards.

Sam Fisher4068d ago

wait wait wait hold on hold on r u kidding me? ceasar started that not the f***ing spartans....dude r u gay?(nothings wrong to be gay) but i honestly think u wouldve like that huh u sick f***?

Sam Fisher4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

ur right so wait since i think this movie is god to all movies.....does that make me gay????

is it too late???? anwser me u f***ing monkey

MonkeyMaan4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

You're in denial that Spartans "liked" kids, that's what I was referring too.


I think you should get back to screeching on XBL.

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Mr_Kuwabara4068d ago

Well it was inevitable for the PS2 to die. There is no games coming out for it (DBZ Tenkaichi 3 but meh) and Sony is focusing more on the future; on this generation. (Why didn't they include the b/c on the 40gb version? My point exactly)

But it is still impressive to the see the PS2, a last generation console, survive the charts these couple of months even when the PS3, XBOX 360 and even the money whore of the Wii came out, it was still some what dominate.

LONG LIVE PS2! (I still play PS2 games on my PS3)

Sam Fisher4068d ago

thats truly bored with war hawk already?

kurochi4068d ago

To SamFisher:

actually, I was one of the few that didn't buy a PS2, so I'm playing GOW 2 on the PS3. It's quite fulfilling while I wait for the next games to come out on PS3. I'm also waiting on games for the 360 also. There's nothing wrong with playing last gen. games? Is there?

gunnerforlife4068d ago

oh shut up and go back to the 360 side on the site

lynx1halo4068d ago

no kurochi theres nothing wrong with playing last gen games...why just the other day i heard of some guy playing this last gen Halo 3 in GLORIOUS 640P IT WAS AMAZING

kurochi4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )


HA HA HA LMAO!!! I haven't played HALO 3 yet, but I will. I doubt that HALO is next gen., in fact, I'm not sure what the diff. is between Halo 2 and 3? Beside a few new achievements, a better multiplayer platform, what has it brought to the next gen. table? A continuation of a storyline? The true games that may be close to a next gen. that's coming out may be Mass Effect or Assassin's Creed.
No flame-war here!! I'm just impressed at how this article can spark one?

WilliamRLBaker4068d ago

thats sold more then heavenly sword,warhawk, and resistance combined.

Wait Beyond

lynx1halo4068d ago

that spent more damn money to advertise the game than the combined income of bosnia, ethiopia, and yugoslavia LOL...and looks like they picked you up on the FANBOY EXPRESS!!!NEXT STOP MR.640P

Sam Fisher4068d ago

nothing is wrong with last gen but that means ur not interested in the ps3 yet ("It's quite fulfilling while I wait for the next games to come out on PS3")but then again ur still playing with the not a ps3 hater i just think most of their games sux except 4 mgs4 and ff series (i wouldve said dmc but we no how that turned out)

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gunnerforlife4068d ago

ps2 defined a generation its cuz of the ps2 gamers aint considered geeks anymore, it will live on forever:D:D

Wii60PS3DSPSP4068d ago

MMM...I wouldn't be so sure about that now...

GLoRyKnoT4068d ago

Sony Say It Isn't So:(

And with the death of BC on the PS3, what will we do?!?

Nothing Lasts Forever. One Hell of a RuN!!

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