Confirmed Battlefield 3 Vehicles List

An In-Depth Look On Battlefield's Vehicles with Full Description

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Uncharted3Goty2349d ago

Vehicles FTW more FPS games need Vehicles the way i see it alot of People enjoy using them but it really does count what king of FPS it is.

JohnnyBadfinger2348d ago

Raptor hands down... saw it at the Australian Avalon International Airshow a couple of months ago. It truely is a beautiful machine.

NateCole2348d ago

@JohnnyBadfinger. Not for those fighting against them.

BeOneWithTheGun2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

So how are the jets going to work anyway? Like 1942? OR will you just get one pass on the map? I am really interested in this. The Zero was like crack for me. I usually forgot all about the war raging on the ground and was hunting Aces the whole match.

arjman2348d ago

@BeOneWithTheGun I think it'll be like BF2

AEtherbane2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

The Joint-Strike Fighter (F-35 lightning) FTW!

They say its in 2014, maybe the testing on the plane is done. I WANT TO HOVER IN MY JET FIGHTER!

Edit: Plus the helmet allows you to see through the plane :)

NatureOfLogic2348d ago

meh, Ace Combat airplanes > BF3 airplanes.

frostypants2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

BF2 had the F-35, and yeah, you could take off vertically. But using hover at any other time was suicide. It was also realistically unstable. It's not like in "True Lies" where Arnold just hovered there, turning the plane and lighting stuff up.

And VTOL aircraft are nothing new. The F-35 is not the first. The Harrier has done it for decades.

Scotracer2348d ago

That's another vote for the A-10 Warthog. What a machine.

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BeastlyRig2349d ago

lol damn it no skateboards? I'm not buy!

Kakasquall2349d ago

No rollerblades either? This game just got knocked off my list.


frostyhat1232348d ago

Where the hell is the banshee!!! CANCEL PRE-ORDER

frostyhat1232347d ago

^to disagrees ever heard of sarcasm?

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acidpro2349d ago

omg airplanes FTW!!!!!

krazykombatant2349d ago

Airplanes are a nice addition as long as they don't become a pain in the ass to try and destroy.

We'll see how the controls work.

ATiElite2349d ago

I take it you never played Battlefield 2 before?

The Battlefield series has almost perfect balance. If your a good pilot then yeh a jet fighter can reap havoc on the battlefield but there are many many tactics to take out a jet that keeps the game balanced.

my favorite is a tank round to the nose cone, BAM YOUR DONE!

krazykombatant2349d ago

I've played a little bit, But if wanna use airplanes i play Ace Combat.
So you can imagine how pumped i am for Assult Horizon.

retrofly2348d ago

Really? Good pilots were nearly impossible to shoot down, they would fly high and dive to kill AA before you could even get a lock on.

Only way to stop them was by having a decent pilot on your side.

Lich1202348d ago

Well, the best way to take a jet down in real life is with another jet, so that makes sense to me. They did patch it later on in BF2's life to make AA more reliable. That killed the game for me. A jet should be powerful. But like you said, if theres another good pilot on the otherside you have a lot to worry about other than griefing people on the ground lol.

Dart892349d ago

I'm so gonna take a jet and slam it into a f***ing camper suicide for the win:D.

Jio2349d ago

I just don't get why people would choose Modern Warfare 3 over this :/

DelbertGrady2349d ago

COD is the McDonalds of video games. The real burger looks nothing like the one in the commercials.

artdafoo2349d ago

That's why they're called COD fanboyz. I posted a answer on a MW3 discussion saying that buying MW3 instead of BG3 is like buying a 5 year old car with a new paint job, rims, and a wax job versus a brand new 2011 model for the same price. this guy said he would buy the 5 year old car along with millions of other people just cuz it's COD. LOl

Dojan1232348d ago

It is too bad. However, I did love UO back in the heyday of COD. The tanks were a lot of fun. I am not sure why COD got rid of the tanks.

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