New Mario Kart Wii bundles and Nintendo Selects budget games now available

Nintendo today released a couple of new Wii bundles packed with Mario Kart Wii for $149.99 and Nintendo Selects lineup of $19.99 games.

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NESpower2567d ago

Getting Zelda at amazon. :)

christheredhead2566d ago

same here. been meaning to play it for a while now.

Pedobear Rocks2566d ago

Still waiting for 99. For something SD with such crappy online vs the current gen systems it shouldn't be more than that.

christheredhead2566d ago

even if it was 99 im sure you would still be complaining.

Pedobear Rocks2566d ago

No, at $99 with $20 games they'd have a sale. Seriously, this is old old tech that is going to be replaced within a year...lower the price ffs.

SpLinT2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

why is Super smash bros still 45 bucks. Looks like im finally getting a Wii with this bundle to play like 8 games. Ill wait till after E3 just in case of some price drop to 99 though. I want SSBB, Zelda Twilight, Mario Kart, next Zelda, Monster hunter, Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Other M. All in 1 big buy. =) =)