Sony Online Entertainment Services Demand Password Reset

As part of Sony Online Entertainment’s (SOE) restoration of services, the publisher is demanding that all registered members reset their password upon logging into any area of the network for the first time, just as is the case with the PlayStation Network restoration process. The Station Service is once again available for account holders to log in and update their personal information, though game servers remain offline currently.

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movements2744d ago

Sony taking the right security measures!

Spitfire_Riggz2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I want a shirt that says "I survived the ApocalyPS3"

(oooo found the avatar =D)

killcycle2744d ago

lol spitfire bubs that was nice.
I got that shirt on Playstation Home from winning a facebook game

Hitman07692744d ago

Looks awesome, I'm already online and it's rocking hard!

Ninjamonkey822744d ago

Say you havent acess to your old email adress anymore due to you moving network?. I know someone with over 1200 trophies but hes worried when he trys to resign in and it wants him to recieve the email hes screwed. He knows his password and old email adress and that why he has been able to sign in till this point. But would this change things ?.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2744d ago

My email address is current.
I never received an email.
I'm on my second PS3.
I signed in just fine.

Ninjamonkey822744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Thx for the info m8 thats helpful :) Bubble 4 you

Krimson-Rage2744d ago

Sony is "demanding"?
Wow, they even manage to spin this to sound like Sony is mugging you, or something.

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