Mario Maestro - Koji Kondo's 1up Interview

It's often been said that Koji Kondo is to game music as Shigeru Miyamoto is to game design. Miyamoto is, of course, well known as the creative genius behind some of gaming's most beloved franchises, with Mario and Zelda as his most popular credits. But Kondo has been perhaps just as influential with his soundtracks for those series, having touched millions -- including nonplayers -- with his melodies, and forever changed peoples' perception of game music in the process.

Anyone who lived through the '80s can hum the theme to Super Mario Bros. (Paul and Linda McCartney apparently did so when they met Kondo years ago), and even today, 20 years after the game first released, the melody lives on as one of the hottest ringtones for cell phones. Just as Spielberg has his John Williams, Miyamoto has Koji Kondo, and the two have worked hand-in-hand on the games that have made Nintendo such a household name. With this in mind, 1up decided to sit down with Mr. Kondo to discuss his career, from the early days of composing Super Mario Bros. to the changes that Nintendo has seen over the years.

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