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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1661d ago | article

PSN Return: The IGN Response

IGN - If you just woke up, big news: the PlayStation Network is back (or will be soon depending on where you live). It's not everything -- you can play online, sync Trophies and message friends, but the PlayStation Store isn't working -- but it's better than the nothing we've had for nearly four weeks. The hackers attacked, Sony shut down the network, and we've been in the dark. (PS3, Tag Invalid)

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ZBlacktt  +   1661d ago
Sony's stock just went WAY up. Millions of people across the world have been waiting for this day. Everyone will be on this service this weekend! Gamers will so value and appreciate Sony's effort to get it back up. It's truly a great day to be a gamer.
jriquelme_paraguay  +   1661d ago
Yeeeees!!!! Today is the Bicentenary of my Country.

200 years of Paraguay, and the PSN is comming today! wooho!!
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1661d ago
More like tomorrow (well today, since it's past midnight) around here (I'm in Brazil).

I don't think South America is top priority and the servers have to be put back up progressively so it will take some time... But just to know it will finally be back up and running again is great!
DERKADER  +   1661d ago
Hurray the south east U.S. is up and running.
Monkey521  +   1661d ago
GO PARAGUAY! I lived in Grupo Habitacional in the outskirts of Asuncion! Happy Bicentennial!
TheLastGuardian  +   1661d ago
I don't get it. Why did this article heat up so fast?

PSN is back up. Who gives a f**k what IGN has to say? It's time to play some games!
NukaCola  +   1661d ago
Why is an IGN have the Anonymous image on it instead of a IGN logo or PSN/PS3 Logo?

And IGN has put out more skeptical and negative PSN articles since it's been down than any blog or main stream site combined. Screw off IGN, I am syncing up trophies from all my awesome SP PS3 exclusives right now and then I am getting on some KZ3 and Portal 2!
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Fez  +   1661d ago
Happy Bicentennial Man!
DelbertGrady  +   1660d ago
Happy Tinfoiltennial, NukaCola!
Oschino1907  +   1661d ago
How many trophies have you gotten since its been down? I totally forgot since you havnt updated us in the last few hours about it. Oh and please lecture me and everyone else again about what a real gamer is, i dont think everyone has been told yet.
Thanks for getting me restricted for a few days also, class act all the way...
jjohan35  +   1661d ago
PSN Return(s): The IGNorant Response...
Jaces  +   1661d ago
I have online!! Time for some PORTAL 2!! :D
egidem  +   1661d ago
frelyler   1661d ago | Immature | show | Replies(3)
lil Titan  +   1660d ago
when you have to use your users comments as part of your articles...your running out of ______<--(insert word) to talk about
Legion  +   1659d ago
I am guessing you don't own Sony stock and don't watch the markets???
cyborg6971   1661d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
SpLinT  +   1661d ago
and thus the world was saved
ScentlessApprentice7  +   1661d ago
Sh*t, I've already started enjoying a bottle of Bacardi Torched Cherry to this new PSN development.
Even though it has been nearly four weeks for the PSN's downturn, I don't judge nor hate on Sony for it.

For one, because it was a result of some stupid, f*ggot external hackers akin to or actually Anonymous who are so God Damn short-sighted that they do not realize that what they do to Sony's public servers affect the same damn people who share the same common interests as they do.

For another, I do not quite base my entire livelihood on playing online, so even though going without Killzone 3 Online for the past 4 weeks has been a frustration, it hasn't quite lead me to ditch the Playstation 3 for any other console. After all, the new Twisted Metal, Uncharted 3, Dark Souls, and Infamous 2 are enough to compensate for any of the PSN service shortfalls.
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showtimefolks  +   1661d ago
you know from all the hate articles
ign has done to get hits its still nice to just get psn back. I like what kaz said we are safer than before but again syber attacks you can never be 100% safe

hopefully both ms and sony will learn from this and from here on till the end of this gen and on to next gen we get much better and much more secure networks.

and nintendo which will be doing its first actual online with new console please also take notes

kz3 here i come

so many people have been waiting to play mortal kombat,portal 2 and brink online best of luck to everyone

peace out good night
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shikamaroooo  +   1661d ago
is it up in eu im waiting for Australia
NBT91  +   1661d ago
Nothing here in England yet...
shikamaroooo  +   1661d ago
Ty for answering bubbles for u
Teatowl  +   1661d ago
gamingisnotacrime   1661d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
Nes_Daze  +   1661d ago
Is it me or did they just conveniently place that fanboy's comment first on the list of psn users they "reached out to"?
a_bro  +   1661d ago
obviously did it on purpose...
radphil  +   1661d ago
It's IGN. You expected professional statements? :p
trounbyfire  +   1661d ago
i don't follow pm me what you mean please,

nevermind it was pretty glaring, its sickening but it ignorant, ps the hate when people use IGNorant
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whizyup  +   1661d ago
Why would someone just be waking up? Typical ign
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Rybakov   1661d ago | Trolling | show
piefight100  +   1661d ago
My ps3 got the ylod yesterday...
MARKUS_MAX1MUS   1661d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
-IronMan-   1661d ago | Trolling | show
tweet75  +   1661d ago
i bet on tuesday sony will have a great playstation store relaunch in north america with tons of new great content and a nice "free" gift to everyone for waiting patiently for the service to get back up.
MrBeatdown  +   1661d ago
I'm sure we will get a couple weeks of massive updates as they work to find a spot for the content that should have been released over the past three weeks. I don't think they will do it all in one though, since all the game releases for a month would be crammed into one week. I think they will spread it across a few updates, but still, it should be a pretty sweet few weeks, especially with the freebies they will be giving out.

I'm not holding my breath for the store to be back on Tuesday though. But it sure would be nice.
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ninjagoat   1661d ago | Immature | show
Sevir04  +   1661d ago
I just popped a bottle of Moscato
and started playing Blazblu:CS online here in florida as my buddy in San Diego is up playing now! :-) feels good!
Hazmat13  +   1661d ago
no online for the midwest....
ThatArtGuy  +   1661d ago
At least you're on the map. Freakin' Puerto Rico is on the map. However, Canada isn't. This is one of those times that being an American in Canada is frustrating.
-MoOkS-   1661d ago | Trolling | show
perfectCarbonara  +   1661d ago
Haha this is great, Sony will turn the PSN relaunch into an epic win, instead of something that just needed to happen.
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Agent_hitman  +   1661d ago
Is IGN a 360 fanboys/fangirls??.

Why is that so many PS3 gamers pissed off?.
commander  +   1661d ago
ign has always preferred the 360. Now whether or not they are a fanboy site is another thing
Rageanitus  +   1660d ago
Its all business in the end... It is clear they have marketing incentives with MS.... just look at xbox live insider.... Their logo is plastered on xbox live
stuna1  +   1661d ago
PSN is up in OHIO!
It's seems that all the hard work has paid off!
Playerz8  +   1661d ago
Hey, does anyone know a way to reset your password if you have an account with a fake email address? Cause one of my accounts is now screwed.
Bell Boy  +   1661d ago
you may have messed up that account...but hey it does say VALID email address so I guess that really will be on you for as you say using a FAKE email
finnhima   1661d ago | Immature | show
CrackHeadGamer   1661d ago | Spam
SoSLy  +   1660d ago
Anon should DDOS IGN see how they react
Guard719  +   1660d ago
This is the best news since Seal Team 6 got Bin laden.
Treyb3yond  +   1660d ago

SuperBeast811  +   1660d ago
awsome now we can all get back to talking about how much CoD sucks and which console is better lol the world is in balance yet again lol

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