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Will-UK2478d ago

Finally i can get back on killzone 3 online

WildArmed2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Yeah, hopefully sooner than later.
He announced it is online.. but still can't log in :(

M4I0N32478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

give it about half an hour

EDIT: Just been updating my system and it stopped at 43%, then an error appeared telling me to cancel the operation and reboot the system and try again. It also said if it appears again then note the error code: 80710723. Is anyone getting the same problem?

LOGICWINS2478d ago

Does this vid work for u guys on the PS3s browser?

jeseth2478d ago


Lets gi have some fun!

sikbeta2478d ago

YEAH! Soon will be back online my friends, see you there... :P

gta28002478d ago

I'm not home right now. I go home till tomorrow afternoon. Relaunch it tomorrow and I will take back everything I said! One thing this has taught me...just because PSN is shouldn't take it for granted. I missed PSN so much!!!!

Will-UK, same here! Killzone 3!!! :)

aCasualGamer2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

This was very professional and respectful from Sony's side.

I hope with this newer security measures they've taken that this will never happen again, if it does then it probably won't be in the same magnitude of the recent attack.

Just wish these hackers could show their faces and stand up for their actions, you know, since they are fighting for our freedom and fighting against the control and monopoly of major corporations.

..oh wait.

2478d ago
HolyOrangeCows2478d ago

"....and now, Trenton with sports"

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Dsnyder2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Yeah ditto. Good to see the universe in balance again. Now hopefully N4g will return to normal within the week.

EDIT Lol phantoms are striking already. Looks like fanboys are mad that PSN is almost up.

LOGICWINS2478d ago


Anyways its great to be back home. Thx Sony :)

Redgehammer2478d ago

I am glad that PSN is up for all of you. I hope that none of us ever have to deal with something like that again.

gamerzBEreal172478d ago

i Downloaded the update but cant sign in?

TKCMuzzer2478d ago

Be patient, it's being turned on bit by bit. Can you imagine the server stress if they turned the whole world on at the same time.

starchild2478d ago

I think that overall Sony handled this well.

LOGICWINS2478d ago

Maybe we should wait to see what free games we're getting first before we make that judgement.

iHEARTboobs2478d ago


Your opinion is based on the games Sony gives us? Makes no sense.

the_kutaragi_baka2478d ago

just hope that with this failure of PSN hack, Sony has learned to invest a little more in security '-'

beavis4play2478d ago

i'm hoping authorites all over the world will take notice of how serious (and criminal) a problem hacking can be........and that they'll do everything possible to hunt these losers down and give them a few years of jail-time.

TBM2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

if the reports are true how do you think the people who traded in their systems just to get a quick online fix feel now with this news announcement?

i guess my patience was justified as i didnt panic or get all upset about it being down.

i guess the gaming media and industry needs Sony because look at all the alternate articles on just the firmware update being released lol.

squallheart2478d ago

Lol my cousin did this yesterday traded it for a 360 now i cant stop laughing

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

I feel like having a party now, lol.
Downloading the patch now.

Damn, the servers are being hammered. :(
I got an error.

egidem2478d ago

At least they acknowledged that shit went down and that they were busy trying to clean it up. Other companies will not even admit that there was a problem. Example, Microsoft and the case of RRoD.

Thank you Sony, now all that's left is to get back online!

manman62478d ago

Time to get back to my online

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sleepy32478d ago

About Em EFFing time.

Gonna be busy tonight though.....and tomorrow. So gonna get back on on Monday.

Ddouble2478d ago

In less than an hour, we will join others from around the world. And we will be launching the largest online resurrection in this history of mankind.

Mankind -- that word should have new meaning for all of us today.

We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore.

We will be united in our common interests.

Perhaps its fate that today is the 15th of May, and we will once again be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution -- but from annihilation.

We're fighting for our right to game online, to exist.

And should we win the day, the 15th of May will no longer be known as an just a day, but as the day when the world declared in one voice:

"We will not go quietly into the night!

We will not vanish without a fight!

We're going to game on!

We're going to survive!"

Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!

crimsonfox2478d ago

that's a little ridiculous.. .but I'M WITH YOU!

jeseth2478d ago

They may take our lives,

but they will never take . . .


Hahahaha. Good news.

ForzaGT2478d ago

Bubbles for the emotions

ForROME2478d ago

haha nice lines from the movie "Independence Day" CLASSIC!

Man_Among_Mice2478d ago

Absolutely loved that speech in Independance Day!!
Bubs for u mate.

egidem2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Arms to chest:


"Keep the compressions going!"

Doctor: "Get me a crash! NAO!"

Doctor: "No no no! Get me the one with Sully's mustache drawn on it...yes the lucky kind!"

Nurse: "But sir that one doesn't work!"

Doctor: "OF COURSE IT WORKS! Does it look like pixel junk to you??"

Nurse: "We're losing him!"

Doctor: "Charge to 350!"

Nurse: "Pulse is at 0!"



"Still no pulse!"

"Charge to "360" sir?"

"Ok...Do it!....WAIT, NO! Charge to 361!"


"Still no pulse sir!"

Doctor: "Stop screaming and close that door!"

Nurse: "Em.....One of the gears is broken!"

Doctor: "WHAT? You still use the plastic kind? Those are unstable! Go down to Empire city and Cole will give you a Metal Gear that is Solid! None of that cheap plastic crap!"

"We're losing him!"

"Give him 30CCs of Helghast adrenaline, NAO!"

"We've got a Pulse!"


Sevir042478d ago

LMAO! This was funny!

"Charge to "360" sir?"

"Ok...Do it!....WAIT, NO! Charge to 361!" <--- DEAD*

RenegadeRocks2478d ago

Ha Ha ! Well said ! Time for some BF:BC2 tonight ! :D

Istanbull2478d ago

My people... Sons and daughters of SONY... This much I vow. The history of these days will be written in blood. By crushing the armies of Microsoft, by seizing the Network they thought to turn against us, we were fighting for our very exclusives. But if there are those who would deny us peace, refuse us our rightful place in the Gaming Industry, then...we will unleash such TERRIBLE VENGEANCE, THAT GENERATIONS OF SYSTEMS YET UNBORN, WILL CRY OUT IN ANGUISH!!

egidem2477d ago

Scolar Visari!...Hahah, that speech and its epicness just never fails to scare the hell out of me.

You forgot the end quote: "Helgan..belongs to us!"

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MrDead2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Shhhhhh Mr Hirai, tell everyone after I've updated