First Look: XCM XFPS 360 Sniper Edition, promises keyboard & mouse perfection

XCMLive have given a first look at the XCM XFPS 360 Sniper Edition. This is their latest revised build of their product which allows keyboard and mouse use on the Xbox 360 which is ideal for first person shooters as well as allowing the use of Playstation controllers on the system. Anyhow, they have listened to customers feedback and promise greater sensitivity, smoothness and ultimately precision hence the name Sniper. They're confident that after many months of fine tuning they have finally derived at the perfect solution which is free from any minor annoyances. More information should be released later this week.

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Quickedie4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Am I the only one looking forward to this release?
I always disliked playing FPS with a controller. It's not bad, it just doesn't feel right. IMO FPS are just meant to be played with a mouse/kb combo.
I don't think using this superior way of controlling can be considered cheating.
Hopefully its not going to be too expensive though.

Capt CHAOS4068d ago

But MS needs to support mouse from the ground up on their console. It'd help drag alot more PC gamers to their console.

mesh14068d ago

man i wish they scrapped gamepads ( i own a 360 and a gaming pc) and use keyboard and mouse the devs cud realing create games like css on the console .

mighty_douche4068d ago

99.9% of console gamers want to use a pad not keyboard/mouse thats why they own the console not a pc.

mighty_douche4068d ago

whats wrong with the 360's usb ports?

skarn4068d ago

besides the fact that many keyboards don't have a USB plugin (old ones especially) and i think there is no mouse support If what Capt_CHAOS says is true.

Charlie26884068d ago

I think the main problem with this devices is that the console in this case the 360 will still be outputting and recognizing a simple controller with buttons and analog stick simply redistributed to the keyboard and mouse and not providing TRUE keyboard and mouse support, for example remember the video were a similar if not the same device was showed with Halo 3? the game was exactly as being played by a controller and he even had trouble aiming since apparently they elevated the analog stick sensitivity to emulate some sort of "mouse precision"

The thing that needs to be done if you want this is support for mouse and keyboard by the dev themselves for example look at UT3 on the PS3 were the devs allowed the game to recognize and output REAL M&K support and no emulation of the controller

The fact is that the 360 has enough USB ports to allow this its just up to people to push the devs to do it

MrSwede4068d ago

Well put! I think I would try this out though if I had a 360.

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