First 15 minutes of L.A Noire gameplay

Video has been taken down from YouTube but you can watch it on blip check attached video (thanks to xtremexx for that)or download it off the forum


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xtremexx2293d ago

that was some awesome gameplay

thugbob2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Yep! GOTY quality!

realiks2293d ago

Uncharted 3 and LA Noire!

NukaCola2293d ago

I think I am going to enjoy this very very much,.

chaosatom2293d ago

This looks pretty good.

I need a demo tho. I am still a skeptic because of GTAIV. :(

Darkfiber2293d ago

What video were you watching? God, people are so easily impressed these days.

Lifendz2293d ago

Pre-ordered and paid for in full. Been avoiding any PMs or articles on the game because I don't want anyone spoiling this one for me. Would be so nice if PSN was up by the time the game came out. Not for multiplayer (obviously) but so I could get any day one patches R* releases.

Anyway, can't wait. GOTY contender for sure.

Crazyglues2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

@ Lifendz

All patches still work just fine, I did two of them myself one on MW2 and one on GTA IV, games I started playing again when the network went down..

Patches are on their own Game Company Server so they are not effected by PSN being down.. You will get your patch if there is one, just fine..
Day One...


sergiospain2292d ago

Holy shit what's with all the haters? Do you seriously think that one of the most innovative games of the generation "looks shit" and whatnot after a fucking 15 minutes video?

Man, I didn't have a high appreciation on the gaming community, but these comments are just plain retarded.

You guys are the reason the gaming industry is never gonna be taken seriously by the rest of the media. Thank you.

Razmossis2292d ago

What we saw in this video should have taken no longer than 5mins, when he went up that alley, and looked every-which way except 'left' I was screaming "TURN LEFT, TURN LEFT" at the TV! That would have saved him that run around half the block.
God, some people really suck at games

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showtimefolks2292d ago

i have it pre-ordered hopefully it will be a lot of fun and gunplay won't feel week like some leaked reviews are saying

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TheGamingPod2293d ago

Battlefield 3 is gonna be my game of the year by the look of it but this is a close second

RedDevils2292d ago

for me BF2 is meh not my type of game but this and UC3 gonna be my goty :)

NukaCola2292d ago

I think Uncharted 3 and SKYRIM are going to battle it to the ground.

sergiospain2292d ago

Skyrim, LA Noire, Uncharted 3, Dark Souls and Portal 2 disagree

iNFAMOUZ12293d ago

looks way less detailed than gta4 FAIL. Where's my gta5???

realiks2293d ago

lol. they're the first one to use the new technology to use more detailed faces and the map is much bigger than gta.

NukaCola2293d ago


Less detail? WTF are you talking about? Since when in GTA IV could you examing anything, climb anything, or even something simple like enter a building? GTA4 was all drive from yellow circle to yellow circle.

Darkfiber2293d ago Show
Kakihara2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Ooooh, darkfiber. You got greedy. You were doing well but you totally overplayed your hand with this comment. You need to keep that shit semi-believable to get people mad. You go too far over the top and you just make people feel bad for you that this is what you're doing with your day.

metsgaming2293d ago

gameplay looks better than gta4, need a demo to really tell.

krazykombatant2293d ago

I take it from your name tag that you just own a ps3 but hey i'm just speculating.. Personally i think you guys are just spoiled with great graphics.

Not complaining i wish my 360 could have games like infamous and shit. But don't dare take away from this game. For a multiplat and a game in general it's accomplishing alot.

but hey what do i know your the 1 with 33 disagrees and counting.

Dsnyder2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )


Dude the video wont show up on YT. The link here is not working either! The site is not PS3 friendly.

TGPHells2293d ago

Video is working, site is ps3 friendly, site loads on all browsers.

It is obviously a problem your end

Prcko2293d ago

not impressed,w8 for new gta or agent,sorry rockstar i won't give you money

carter202293d ago

not impressed with ur grammar

Si-Fly2293d ago

Look at his name, I think it's meant to read Pricko, couldn't even spell that right...

Darkfiber2293d ago

Pot calling the kettle black...

newhumanbreed2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Really? You must not love innovation. There are no released videos or pictures of Agent or GTA5 and you're stating that those are more impressive when you haven't gotten a look at them. Just shut up, please..

Pintheshadows2293d ago

Your not impressed by a 15 minute video of a game that will last 20+ hours. Wow, thats like the people who said ME2 was shit after a half hour demo.

SnotyTheRocket2292d ago

ME2? You talkin' Mass Effect 2? Epic game.