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Could Modern Warfare 3 Finally Be The Best One?

With so many COD games already out, it seems that Call Of Duty players are finally starting to the see repetitiveness of the series, Even thought Call Of Duty : Black Ops sold a huge amount of copies it doesn’t mean it was great. So could Modern Warfare 3 finally be a great game with nothing big to complain about? (Call of Duty, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

B-Real206  +   1603d ago
No, Modern Warfare 6 will be the best one. I heard they're going to use a new engine for it...naw all jokes aside it should be just as fun as the last 8 COD games
movements  +   1603d ago
Yes it should. And unless we see CONSOLE gameplay from DICE, they have nothing on COD>
iamnsuperman  +   1603d ago
You know what I agree with you. Console Gameplay wise we have seen jack from DICE and it seems no-one is asking. People are seemed mesmerised by the C footage that they are forgetting to question where is the console footage? i have a funny suspicion that we will have to wait for reviews to come in to see what DICE has done for the consoles. Why should they show something of a lower quality???? They are going to show the best looking version of the game.
xtremexx  +   1603d ago
your right
Close_Second  +   1603d ago
Wow, BC2 looked better than Black ops in both single and multiplayer modes. Where did all this hate for DICE come from. Its not like they charged a premium for what was essentially the same game using the same engine...again.
Baka-akaB  +   1603d ago
uh ? wha Dice proposed on consoles is already miles better .

People just dont care to change their habits , however bad they might be
xtremexx  +   1603d ago
i have enjoyed them but they are starting to get boring after a while
xtremexx  +   1603d ago
haha lol
ichdich  +   1603d ago
www.ispsnup.co.uk ?
Scyrus  +   1603d ago
they say this crap every year, stfu, its the same game over and over

MAYBE if activision took a yearly break in between then The New ideas that get crammed in every COD game would be substantial in 2 years, so combined then it would actually feel fresh and new...ish. lol
Urrakia34  +   1603d ago
Technically every COD game has a development cycle of 2 years but since they have 2 developers releasing a new iteration every consecutive year, it sure doesn't seem that way.
limewax  +   1603d ago
The truly funny thing is AC:Brotherhood had a year dev time and was a huge upgrade over the previous game in many ways. Its not even a matter of it being a year dev time, Its knowing the engine is maxed without stripping features to add new ones, and an unwillingness to create a new engine to solve the problem
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N2NOther  +   1602d ago
Yawn. You're complaint is ironically like the game you're complaining about. It's the same thing every year. I enjoy the COD games online and off. They're fun, they control great and I can play with my buddies back east. If you're not into the series so be it. Nothing you say will affect anything about the game or Activision's business model.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1603d ago
All they need to do, is run off servers online, balance the weapons in a beta before release, and add more modes on top of wager matches and stuff. The worst part about black ops was the hit detection online. Oh and the lunge knifing.

tmoss726  +   1603d ago
I'd love to see a beta, but you know they won't do that. Haven't done it the past 3 CoDs, why change?
krazykombatant  +   1603d ago
What's wrong with dolphin dives????
ProtossX  +   1603d ago
cod is a tired franchise.
clintos59  +   1603d ago
This is a no brainer. If a call of duty game is released every year, the chance of it being better is slim. Now give it 2 years in development & then those questions can prolly be answered.
OMGitzThatGuy  +   1603d ago
Do you know CoD has 2 devs and they are released once a year so that give each CoD 2 years development time
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Regulator  +   1603d ago
Modern Warfare for life, everything else is runner up to the king. I don't care about making friends, all the sheep jump on the "I hate COD and Activision" bandwagon so they can fit in with the other sheep to scared to speak the truth, then when the game comes out what do they do. THEY ALL GO AND BUY IT

The KING is coming back, not Elvis. Modern warfare.
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The BS Police  +   1603d ago
Halo, Battlefield & Killzone > Call of Duty

Anyone who isn't a sheep knows that.
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Baka-akaB  +   1603d ago
funny you mention sheeps .. the negative name is for trend followers .

You can't be more of a trend follower than a guy buying the most popular fps each year just because its the most popular ...

And please enough with the "you all still buy it argument" ... sure MW get its yearly crown , but doesnt even come close to representing the whole gaming community . Last i checked no current consoles is only selling 11-16 millions hardware units
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persistentlobster  +   1603d ago
If there's a map maker, then yes.
Der_Kommandant  +   1603d ago
Call of Duty 4 is Metallica's Master of Puppets
The BS Police  +   1603d ago
And Metallica is overrated... so I guess it makes sense when you put it like that.
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GFahim  +   1603d ago
3rd time lucky i say
susanto1228  +   1603d ago
I have 150 students and all the ones that play FPS don't even mention Battlefield hell they don't even know what that is...most play COD it's like a drug to them, DIce has their work cut out for them. COD is must more mainstream and COD SUCKS!!!!!!!!!
TheEndofAll  +   1602d ago
yeah until battlefield 3

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