Top 5 Wii Titles You Forgot Were Cancelled

The Wii has been on store shelves for nearly 5 years now. Through these five years, there's been many titles released, but sadly, there's been titles that have never been released. These titles weren't released for multiple reasons. The developers shut down, ran out of money, or just didn't like the way the game was turning out. This list will consist of those types of cancelled titles. This list will remind you why you were pissed off at developers and publishers that time back in 2007. These are the top five forgotten cancelled Wii titles.

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Venox20082567d ago

one more.. Survival horror "Winter" from N-space.. but maybe it could happen, please, N-space, if you can't make it on Wii, make at least on 3DS.. :)

Dsnyder2567d ago

We forgot they were cancelled because no one cared about those games to begin with.

Raven_Nomad2567d ago

Rogue Squadron 4 I would loved to have seen.

voodoopickle2567d ago

im really hoping they come out with it on project cafe

jadnice2567d ago

Hmmmm I would not be surprise if they all have been put on hold for this year E3 and for the WiiHD.